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Job title: Senior Quality Control Analyst
Reporting to: Quality Control Manager
Location: Lakeland, USA

The Opportunity

The objective of the Senior Quality Control Analyst role is to perform full analysis of flavour and fragrance materials that may enter the Quality Control laboratory. This role will involve the development and continuous improvement of quality control methods, to include classical wet analysis and instrumental analysis, as well as delivery of training and assessing competency of technical colleagues following any updates.

What it’s like to work here

We’ve been making the world taste better since 1886 and sell over 3000 products in more than 90 countries, but we’re only just getting started. We’re on an exciting journey and have ambitious plans to become the indispensable partner of choice for the world’s leading flavour and fragrance houses, beverage and consumer brands.

On joining Treatt, you’ll become one of over 300 international experts, working together to collectively surprise and delight our customers. Nothing is more important to us than the happiness of our people as without them, we’d never succeed.

We think Treatt’s a great place to work, but don’t just take our word for it:
“Everyone wants your feedback and opinion; it feels like a place of study where nurturing and encouragement are the standard. It is very clear the hard work that goes into providing excellence for customers, but it is also very apparent that managers have the same goals for helping us all to progress.” – Anita, Innovation Scientist

“Joining my close and supportive team was the most enjoyable way to gain more skills and increase my knowledge” – Ashley, Distillation Control Team Leader
“Treatt creates an environment to help you be the best you can, with no two days the same and opportunities always available to help you learn and develop. The people and the culture create a fantastic company to be part of” – Rebecca, Commercial Coordinator

What you’ll be doing

The duties and tasks of a Senior Universal Quality Analyst include the following:

• Measure physical parameters of flavour and fragrance raw materials originating from various departments and external sources, which includes but is not exclusive to density, refractive index, optical rotation, % Aldehyde, and Peroxide values.
• Perform and instruct instrumental analysis on the above products which includes but is not exclusive to, UV spectroscopy, gas and liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
• Optimise and align standard GC-FID methods across all instruments.
• Responsible for review of LC/DAD, GC/MS, and GC/MS/MS methods to determine whether there are areas for improvement or optimization and implement changes.
• Troubleshoot instrumentation when necessary and coordinate preventative maintenances to ensure equipment is in good working order.
• Perform method development on existing LC or GC systems for the analysis and interpretation of new product lines
• Write and implement SOPs for any methods and procedures developed.
• Establish, schedule, and review routine validation studies, LOQ, and LOD for all analytical methods
• Participate in organoleptic evaluation of the products, as necessary.
• Prepare tasting solutions and arrange for a representative number of individuals to carry out analysis.
• Prepare reagents and calibration solutions to support routine and non-routine analyses.
• Carry out regular calibration and maintenance of the measuring instruments as prescribed by the working practices in the laboratory.
• Perform internal microbiological testing.
• Coordinate the shipping of analytical samples for external analysis and collate the results.
• Assist in sample receipt to the Quality Control laboratory, when required, to maintain workflow of sample analysis to the required areas of the department.
• Assist Management with final review of samples in STARS.
• Innovate for continuous improvement in the Quality Department (e.g., suggestions on improvements in efficiency, cost cutting, effectiveness of operations).
• Follow any task and request as requested by the Quality Control Supervisor or Quality Control manager.
• Research and report on possible efficiency improvements on current instrumental methods.
• Be involved in value added projects when required, which directly impact areas outside of the direct department.

General tasks within the department:

• Ensure that the working area in the laboratory is maintained in a clean and orderly condition and that any hazard or potential hazard is reported to the Quality Control Manager.
• Report any faults or deficiencies in equipment or analytical practices to the Quality Control Manager.
• Always maintain your own and other’s healthy and safety ensuring a safe working environment.
• Undergo training in areas specific to Treatt plc business as required.
• Undergo training in additional practices to those to aid the efficiency of the Quality Department as a whole.
• Perform such other tasks that may be required from time to time.
• Undertake a shift pattern where necessary to continue a high level of service to internal customers.
• Act in the best interest of Treatt PLC at all times.

What we’re looking for

A Senior Universal Quality Analyst will either have at a minimum a BS degree in a science-based discipline, preferably with chemistry-based modules, or industry experience (5 or more years) relevant to the role.

• Technical expertise: Be able to work autonomously on instrumentation and have the ability to provide training and assess competency on technical procedures. Experience with GC-FID, GC-MS, and UPLC systems. Have the ability to carry out scientific report and SOP writing. An understanding of our product types and matrices and how these may impact methods developed for their analysis. Remain at the forefront of new technology and opportunities for the company.
• Assessing and interpreting risks: Report any breaches in health and safety on the incident cards provided by the health and safety representative. Action should be made to prevent any such incidents where possible. If material fails the assigned test specification, then testing should be repeated on the sample. If persistent failure is seen, where possible, a re-sample should be requested for testing before reporting all findings from the analysis.
• Business/IT Knowledge: Understanding of where the Quality Control department fits within the company alongside building and maintaining relationships with key departments or stakeholders. Operational knowledge of STARS, and JDE for required applications for role. Be competent at using Microsoft Office applications. Be competent with Software Systems for analytical instrumentation.
• Knowledge about vulnerability/security: If required to correspond with Suppliers or Customers regarding the results of analysis or new or existing technologies, ensure that intellectual property on methodology is only shared when appropriate. Correspondence should be overseen by the Quality Control Manager.
• Organisation skills: Ensure that a clear record is kept of all project work which is completed, in progress, pending or has been submitted by a key stakeholder for consideration. Create a platform on which others can view project work and progress. Work well autonomously and have good time management as not all project or research work will have a firm deadline, in addition manage multiple initiatives within daily work. Work with the Quality Control Manager to prioritise work accordingly in line with the business objective and needs.
• Leadership skills: Not directly required for this role, however the ability to provide complete training to colleagues is required. Open communication and teamwork are essential.
• Creative and Analytical thinking skills: Pioneer continuous improvement in the analytical capabilities of the Technical Department at Treatt. Research into new technologies and think outside the box to establish new methods of analysis for varying product types across our product categories. Where gaps in knowledge are established, provide evidence and justification for training requirements to improve competency.
• Communication skills: Ensure open, consistent, and professional communication with colleagues across technical, Quality Control Manager, and Key Stakeholders. When necessary, delivery presentations on research and new technologies to seek approval for purchase. Have strong email and phone skills.
• Integrity: Essential within a Quality Control role to ensure accurate development of methods, results, and reporting of analysis.
• People skills/relationship building: Build on understanding of product categories by communicating with colleagues outside of technical to seek opportunities to support business initiatives. Ensure that all work carried out is both of the required quality, whilst also meeting the needs of stakeholders where possible.

We want you to love your work and bring that energy to the job every day, no matter what the task. You’ll be someone who keeps up to date with the latest technologies and is always willing to share their knowledge with colleagues.
Our department is busy. We need someone who can run with the pack but also bring their own personality to their work.
You should be personable, friendly and supportive, acknowledging that you’ll get to work with colleagues from all seniority levels across all departments on a daily basis.

What we’ll do for you

We offer an excellent package which includes a competitive salary; vacation time as well as the opportunity to purchase additional vacation, we also offer a discretionary annual bonus, medical (including family cover), dental and vision coverage, AFLAC, 401k employer matching up to 6%, company-paid short term and long term disability insurance, company-paid life insurance and stock purchase options.
With the encouragement and development you need, we help you to become your ultimate you. Beyond building a successful career, we also support the wishes and ambitions of our staff outside of the office in achieving a health work/life balance - the wellbeing of our staff is paramount to us, which we actively promote and support by regularly delivering a variety of wellbeing initiatives. There will also be opportunities to be actively involved in community and charity projects and to take part in numerous subsidised social events.

Polite Notice

We politely request that we are not contacted by any recruitment agencies. We have a preferred supplier list and high volumes of speculative calls from agencies negatively impact upon the efficiency of our business. Please help us to maintain the highest levels of customer service by respecting our wishes.