Your new global family

The success of our business is built on the skills, knowledge and personalities of our people, which is why the happiness of every employee is paramount.

A career with us is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Strategic recruitment, internal training and personalised development programmes mean that our talented people are best-placed to take us to the next level.

Our people prove that our company means business

Industry-leading organisations use our ingredients to formulate products that excite consumers every day. It’s very likely that you will have purchased products made using our ingredients (you're already a secret brand ambassador).

We are the silent hero in everything from soft drinks to cleaning products. Offering brands the chance to stand out in increasingly competitive market places; our products provide our customers with a range of opportunities to delight their consumers time and time again.

A culture that drives business success

With over 370 people working across four continents, we have a truly diverse workforce. Some staff have been part of the team for over 40 years, while we also employ interns and graduates joining us fresh from their studies. This variety makes for a rich and stimulating working environment, keeping things fresh whilst allowing new recruits to benefit from the wisdom and expertise of more experienced employees.

Working at Treatt is unlike anywhere else. No two days are the same and there’s always opportunity to learn and progress. We expect a lot from our people, but make sure they have everything they need to do the best possible job.

Professional development, career progression and continued education are all key parts of working at Treatt. Whether it is industry specific training, or a qualification-based opportunity, we provide the support and funding to help our people reach their individual potential.

What we stand for

Our values are the fuel that drive the culture and success of our growing global business. They are the cornerstones of our organisation, they were created, and are owned, by our team across four continents.


Committed to excellence at every turn, we believe in working at and championing the highest possible standards across the business.


Working in partnership is how we best serve our customers, exceeding their expectations and meeting their needs - no matter how ambitious.


We strive for progress across the business and always work to find a better way to improve our service.


Customers choose to partner with us time and time again because our people love what they do and are driven by the desire to delight everyone we work with.

We cultivate an environment that empowers our experts to move forward with a powerful momentum that achieves results for our business, as well as our global customer base. Our values are central to how we deliver this success now, and in the future.