Your new colleagues

Over 370 people work across our three sites and we’re continually growing.

We attract exceptional people who are genuinely passionate about what they do; this applies across all departments from R&D to shipping and everything in between.

This has shaped a culture where our employees are excited about their career and work together to create an open and inviting environment where they can thrive.

Many of our employees are also shareholders, giving them a vested interest in the long term success of the business.

We regularly work with local schools and colleges to support work experience placements and internships, with a number of participants returning to work for us on a permanent basis.

Internship placements are available in both our UK and the USA locations, with opportunities in our scientific laboratories, engineering and customer service. Those looking to kickstart their career work closely with our in-house experts, gaining invaluable experience working on live projects.

Find your future

It takes many hands to deliver commercial results for our customers. Our people work together to ensure millions of people across the globe can enjoy new and exciting products, making the ordinary extraordinary. Discover more about our international departments below.


Our global customer service department is responsible for serving and satisfying our customers' needs, every day of the year.

From our bases in the UK, the US and China, we support customers from over 90 countries, delivering the best possible standard in customer care.

Driven by our own customer charter, our customer service representatives go above and beyond to make our customers happy.


Our busy financial function work tirelessly to support the day-to-day running of our global business. With everything from paying suppliers to processing expenses and managing budgets - our financial team work hard to deliver a faultless service.


Responsible for attracting, retaining and cultivating the best talent in the industry, our HR department are committed to being the best they can be.

We want to give great people the freedom to do exceptional things, which is why our staff are supported along their individual journey from their first interview right through to their retirement.


The global IT team are a key internal service department at Treatt. Supporting an infrastructure that services over 370 people as well as leading the charge when it comes to installing and maintaining new technologies, our IT department is an exciting place to be.


Our products don't find their way to our customers on their own. It takes a truly high-performing team of experts to deliver a sleek, integrated service that can be internationally relied upon.

From sending solutions by air, sea or road to managing the customs process for over 90 countries, our people work tirelessly to get our products to the customer on time.


Managing a global brand across four continents and promoting over 3000 products to customers in more than 90 countries keeps our marketing department on their toes.

Responsible for all external messaging, as well as our internal communications activities, our marketers live and breathe all things Treatt.


Operations is at the heart of our organisation. Our reputation has been built over years of consistent results. Integrity cannot be imitated or bought, which is why our robust operational processes are paramount.

We are governed by the highest set of industry standards which gives our customers peace of mind that they're working with people and products they can trust.


Working alongside our operations, procurement and customer service departments, our planning team ensure we're working as effectively as possible.

They manage the process of bringing materials into the business and overseeing the manufacturing process before our products are then shipped to our customers.


Travelling the world and building personal relationships with our processors and farmers gives us first-hand detailed knowledge of our supply chain which is invaluable to our business, and our customers.

Responsible for the strategic supply of hundreds of raw materials, our procurement experts work hard to ensure our supply chains are secure and sustainable, delivering the best possible quality for our customers.


You can't be at the forefront of the flavour and fragrance industry without the driving force of a creative and technically ambitious research and development department.

Our global team work at the cutting edge of what's possible in our industry, delivering creative solutions through the expert delivery of modern technology. If you can dream it - we can make it.


The biggest flavour and fragrance and consumer goods customers in the world need to be supported by the best sales people in the industry.

Often seen travelling the globe, our global business development team are the internal ambassadors for our customers at Treatt, representing their interests at all times to ensure their needs are consistently met.


Customers have confidence in our rigorous quality assurance, composition and containment analysis because of the hard-work and dedication of our lab teams.

Providing a truly global service, our technicians are the brightest minds in the business, providing essential data, advice and ongoing support to our customers all over the world.


Meet the extraordinary people responsible for creating and delivering sensory magic across the globe.

"I love the flexibility of my job. Treatt never limits me to one particular area or responsibility which means I get to explore and work with just about every department in the company."
Will Schultz, Technical Administrator, USA

"Treatt is the most rewarding, accommodating, and outstanding company to work. I came to Treatt five years ago and from the minute I sat down in my Customer Service role, I knew this was permanent and I would never want to leave.
I love Treatt for its commitment to all employees and the employees love Treatt by living the company’s values on a daily basis. Whether Treatt is throwing a company-wide cook-out for hitting a record month in sales, to a yearly bonus, to employee of the month, and even stock in the Company, Treatt loves their employees like family and for that I love working for Treatt."

Mary Morin, Senior Customer Service Representative, USA

"Treatt is a wonderful platform for someone who wants to grow. I get to learn about completely new things in a exciting environment. Working closely with, and supporting, my commercial and technical colleagues makes my job enjoyable as I am always able to develop."
Anthony Qian, Technical Engineer, China

"I love that my job challenges me every day in different ways. Not only that, but the company offers competitive wages, great benefits and a friendly working environment."
Matthew Terry, Distillation Operator, USA

"We have seen great changes in the business and you can really feel the company's development. You always grow at Treatt, working towards achieving your goals. You may experience challenges along the way, but there's a big family behind you, always willing to help and give guidance. I love the sense of belonging and endless opportunities to develop."
Simona Loh, Sales and Marketing, China