Top 5 Beverage Trends This Summer

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With the new season quickly approaching and the weather getting warmer, our drinks are getting colder and beverages are expected to be consumed at a much higher rate. The focus shifts to quenching thirsts and finding the perfect drink that gives off that “relaxing in the summer sun” feel. To help you cool down, here is a list of the top 5 counting down to this summers’ hottest beverage trends you have got to know.

Number 5: Sustainable packaging
Plastic pollution is a constant environmental issue that people, governments, and companies are working to figure out how to solve. Many of our favorite store-bought brands are served in plastic cups or packaged in a sealed plastic container meant for single use. However, , brands are working on more sustainable packaging and paving the way for trends to see a more eco-friendly turn; especially this summer. According to GlobalWebIndex, 61% of US consumers will switch to a brand that supports the environment and 56% for consumers in the UK. With such a demand for sustainable packaging and large companies taking the initiative to implement significant plans, we are sure to see more packaging alternatives to plastic in the months and years to come.

Number 4: Nitro beverages
Mouthfeel is an important factor in what drink to choose among Millennial consumers. Nitro coffee, cold brew, and beer beverages provide a frothy, thick, and silky beverage that satisfies all the senses. This texture is achieved through the process of infusing the beverage with nitrogen gas. Brands are continuing the stay on top of the trend by releasing the first nitro soda, nitro matcha and chai tea, and the release of different nitro coffee options. With these nitro beverages being made cold, while still giving you that morning wake-up kick, this summer will see a much larger consumption in nitro made drinks.

Number 3: Low to no alcohol cocktails and beers
Low to no alcoholic beverages are on the rise as people are wanting a drink that is easy to sip and doesn’t pack a big punch. The summertime is the perfect time for these beverages to take off as consumers typically go for fun drinks to relax and socialise with. These cocktails and beers were made to savour and enjoy the moment without the burden of waking up with a headache, which is why we are seeing the trends shift to low or no alcohol. Consumers are looking for drinks that give them energy, vitamins, and nutrients. Although they aren’t cutting out cocktails and beer all together, consumers are lowering their alcohol intake.

Number 2: RTD tea
The Beverage Market Corp. has reported that in the last 10 years, ready-to-drink teas have outperformed every other tea segment. The movement to drink more tea is met with the desire to consume less sugar and increase vitamin and nutrient intake, projecting that new RTD tea products will be a huge success this summer. Products that sell at a higher rate include low to no sugar, green tea, herbal/flavoring teas. It’s expected to grow this summer due to the expansion of these tea offerings. Many companies are releasing carbonated and CBD infused RTD teas to the market, making the array of options popular among consumers.

Number 1: CBD infused sparkling water
Sparkling waters and seltzers aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Although sparkling water has been a hot topic for a while now, there is a new product on the market globally that will have consumers rushing to their nearest stores. We have seen an increase in CBD infused sparkling water launches that reportedly offer consumers a drink that provides nutrient rich vitamins with all the benefits of CBD without THC, caffeine, sugar, calories, or sodium.. This beverage ticks all the major trend boxes and will easily be a hot seller this summer.

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