Meet Kirsten: Connecting the dots in our global procurement

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Kirsten is based in Florida and has been with Treatt since June 2023.

What does a Global Procurement Manager do?

A Procurement Manager sources the raw materials locally and globally to keep our plants
running and our customers happy. We source materials and volumes that meet our
specification, at the best price possible. It also involves tracking market factors that impact
pricing, such as supply and demand, freight, quality and we scan the horizon for market
intelligence, whether it’s things that will impact the sourcing such as weather and port
congestion or demand changes. We also track macro-economic factors like interest rates or
geopolitical factors in the countries we’re sourcing from, which may impact our ability to
obtain products.

Another element to gaining market intelligence is leveraging information from our supply
base: finding out what our customers are doing or looking for new opportunities in the
market. Day to day, we work closely with planning, innovations, quality and logistics to
ensure we stay ahead of our competitors. There are many factors to consider in the role of

How did you become a Global Procurement Manager?

I was a finance graduate and my first job was with an industrial chocolate manufacturer as a
commodities analyst and buyer. I continued to progress in different food companies in higher
level roles. Getting into this industry was quite by chance but it became my passion. I’ve
spent a lot of my career in the cocoa and chocolate world.

What makes you an expert in procurement?

I have lots of experience across different markets, in different companies, and I’m super
curious. Combining all of that together gives me a unique opportunity to drive value within

What is the best part of the job?

I love people, so having the opportunity to lead a team means I can collaborate closely and
engage with colleagues and suppliers. I think of procurement as a business mind for Treatt,
helping to bring the external world (such as market intelligence, new product concepts and
raw materials, and new suppliers) into Treatt. It all involves people and communicating,
which I really enjoy.

What key trends do you think will impact F & F innovation in 2024?

Flavours and beverage are such dynamic markets, so the opportunity is making sure that we
stay out in front. It’s all about leveraging supplier knowledge and bringing information back
into the business: finding out what’s new, what’s up and coming, enabling us to pass on that
innovation to our customers.

What is the Global Procurement Team doing in the area of ESG?

Last year, Treatt carried out an assessment of the inherent social, environmental and
governance risks within our ingredient supply chains. This helped to inform our strategy and
ensure we focus our improvement efforts with those suppliers and supply chains where we
can have the most long-term impact, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Strategic sourcing is a core part of Treatt’s competitive advantage, particularly in the Citrus,
Herbs, Spices & Florals and Chems categories. 69% of our total citrus volume for FY2023
was sourced from suppliers who adhered to our responsible and sustainable sourcing policy.

Sustainable Shipping

Any tips on kicking off a career in procurement?

For a successful career in procurement, you need to have an innate sense of curiosity: the
desire to always know more and ask a lot of questions. Also an analytical and collaborative
personality helps. You have to have fire in the belly and a real passion for it.

What is your favourite drink and occasion to drink it?

A rhubarb gin and tonic, best drunk whenever the sun shines!

Gin and Tonic

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