Creating flavours and fragrances which truly stand out

Our range of aroma, natural and high impact speciality chemicals give formulators the necessary creative toolbox to deliver novel and authentic sensory profiles.

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Developed in the UK in conjunction with our strategic partner, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals, we offer an extensive portfolio of speciality high impact aroma chemicals.

High impact chemicals (HIC) are excellent enablers for flavourists and perfumers to produce the desired nuances that complete authentic and true to nature creations. Extremely powerful at low dosages, our range of HICs offers exceptionally low cost in use, adding an additional level of sophistication to meaty, savoury, nutty, dairy and fruit formulations, to name a few.

Ideal for creating unique flavours and fragrances, HICs can be used to add the key characteristic to a flavour profile, whether that is the freshly cut strawberry note of 2-Octen-4-one in a cheesecake, or increasing the smokiness of bacon seasoning with 2-Methyl-furanthiol acetate.

Introducing HICs into a wide range of flavour and fragrance formulations can deliver a unique twist that transforms a good product into an outstanding one, while adhering to strict cost in use targets.

Being chemically synthesised, HICs are consistently high purity and quality. The majority of HICs occur in nature but are present at such low levels that isolation of the individual component is often not possible from the natural source.

First-rate regulatory knowledge, technical finesse and attention to detail enables us to deliver end-to-end quality that our customers trust.


Delivering an authentic aromatic profile to a variety of flavours and fragrances, our aroma chemical portfolio is a powerful resource for those looking to create something truly unique.

We have been consistently delivering aroma chemicals for the past 50 years.


Our range of natural chemicals includes innovative isolates, extracts produced in-house and carefully sourced natural aroma chemicals from trusted manufacturers.

All products go through a stringent verification process and testing procedure, so that you can be confident in the natural status.

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