With a strong and established background in citrus, our capabilities, knowledge and techniques are internationally recognised and valued by those who need the best quality products at every level.

We provide everything from 100% natural citrus solutions from the named fruit to bespoke blends and price-stable synthetics.


Orange continues to be one of the most widely consumed flavours in the world. With its many varieties and impactful profiles, formulators choose to partner with us when working with Orange as we have a proven track record of delivering exciting ingredient solutions that transform an end product. From our manufacturing sites in Florida, USA, and Bury St Edmunds, UK, we serve customers across the globe by offering unrivalled expertise, sustainable sourcing and a flexible supply.


Our range of Lemon solutions can be used to great effect in a range of applications, including teas, juices, waters, spirits and beer. With a number of varieties available, we ensure our customers receive the best possible service by delivering a solution that had been tailored to their needs.


Demand for this exciting citrus variety continues to grow across the globe. Popular across a range of applications, the different varieties offer formulators serious flexibility when it comes to creating profiles that will stand out on the shelves.


Enjoyed by consumers the world over, Grapefruit is a flavour increasingly seen across the beer, juice, soda sectors and more. Demand for this popular flavour continues to rise, despite the challenging natural market. We offer our customers a range of price-stable, synthetic solutions that help ease the difficulties faced by formulators.


Bergamot has a rich and varied history with its origins tracing back to Italy in the 1750s. Known for its associations with Earl Grey Tea, Bergamot also has many other mouth-watering uses. Its popularity has steadily grown and is now used as a key flavour in everything from waters and sodas to gins and whiskeys.


The delicate Mandarin profile works wonderfully in a wide range of seasonal applications. With each variety imparting its own unique character, our experts work with customers to identify exactly which notes will really bring their product to life.


These punchy, true to the fruit, flavour ingredients create exciting results. Each variety brings something special and our range of products offers formulators the flexibility needed to create a standout solution.


We are proud to have some of the citrus industry's brightest minds serving our global customer base. We have recruited and retained the best talent across our laboratories, processing plants, sales, technical support teams and procurement departments to ensure we're always ahead of the pack.

With hundreds of years of collective expertise behind us, we live and breathe the citrus industry like no one else. Our passion is visible in every interaction with our people, who are committed to deliver solutions that far exceed customer expectation.

We love what we do and believe in teaming up with our customers to transform their project. Working across new product development, as well as efficient and effective matching, we take huge pride in solving our customers' problems, no matter how complex.


We believe in sharing what we know about the citrus industry with our customers, empowering them to make the right commercial decisions now, and in the future.

Our expert team deliver training to the world's largest flavour and fragrance houses and consumer goods companies on a range of subjects. This has included everything from an introduction to fresh citrus production, understanding processing techniques and the impact on yields, to chemistry and composition masterclasses as well as detailed explorations of essential oil concentration and fractionation techniques.

We design our training around the needs of our customers, tailoring the subjects and formats for our audience, whether that might be buyers, flavourists, chemists and marketers to name just a few.

In addition to our comprehensive training programme, we also share industry insights via our Market Intelligence reports, on our website and via our team of customer service representatives.


Our reputation as a trusted solutions provider in the citrus space has been earned over our 130 year history by delivering consistently high-quality ingredients in what has become an increasingly challenging marketplace. We are responsible for managing and mitigating global risk for our customers and take this extremely seriously.

Our global procurement department has a dedicated citrus team, staffed by experts who ensure we're buying from the right sources, at the right time and at the best possible price.

We develop and maintain diverse, positive and long-term relationships with citrus growers and processors across over 10 countries. By travelling and meeting the suppliers in our extensive network, we benefit from an invaluable first-hand account of market conditions, which we share with our customers and colleagues.


Our citrus products are manufactured in the UK and the US using effective and efficient processes that produce consistently high-quality results. By manufacturing our citrus products across multiple sites, we're able to provide our customers with an agile supply that can respond to their needs.


Our portfolio includes 100% natural citrus oils that range from single folds to terpeneless solutions, including a series of folds in between. Commercial blends are also available, either readymade, or tailored to a customer's specification.

We offer terpeneless single folded products with very low agricultural residues as well as highly concentrated oils that capture authentic, true-to-fruit profiles and work brilliantly in beverage applications due to their enhanced solubility.

Our experts also recover essences and aromas from the waters of evaporation when fresh squeezed orange juice is concentrated. Enriched with natural orange fractions, we create impactful blends that impart a juicy, freshly squeezed profile to juice formulations.

Our range of quality products offers those looking for a special citrus solution the power of choice and a solution that is tailored to their specific needs.