Naturally refreshing and intensely zesty, citrus is one of the world’s favourite flavours.

Our historic roots are firmly grounded in citrus essential oils – it’s the fertile foundation from which our natural extracts and ingredients products have transformed into today.

As true experts in citrus, our capabilities, knowledge and techniques are internationally recognised and valued by those who need the best quality products, at scale. We deliver consistently high-quality ingredients in what has become an increasingly challenging marketplace and often complex supply chain.

Providing everything from natural citrus solutions from the named fruit to bespoke blends and price-stable synthetics, our range of quality products offers those looking for a special citrus solution the power of choice – we know what consumers will love now and in the future.


Demand for this refreshing citrus fruit continues to grow across the globe. The different varieties, and process techniques yield very different profiles, offering formulators flexibility when it comes to creating beverages that will stand out on the shelves.

Talk to us about our range of authentic lime profiles which are FTNF for sublime performance in any application.

  • Mexican Key lime
  • Persian / Tahitian lime


Lemon oils are fundamental to the beverage industry. As a global favourite, lemon provides a refreshing base for flavour development. Strongly connected with health benefits and refreshment, our zesty, juicy profiles perform well across many beverage categories.

Lemon crops span the globe and different regions have distinctive profiles meaning we can deliver a tailored solution to you.

  • Zesty lemon
  • Citral lemon
  • Organic lemon


Orange continues to be one of the most widely consumed flavours in the world. With its many varieties and impactful profiles, formulators choose to partner with us when working with orange as we have a proven track record of delivering exciting ingredient solutions that transform an end product.

We are one of the largest processors of orange essential oils in the world.

  • Sicilian blood orange
  • Brazilian orange
  • Juicy sweet orange
  • Bitter (Seville) orange


Enjoyed by consumers the world over, grapefruit is a flavour increasingly seen across the beer, juice, soda sectors and more. Demand for this popular flavour continues to rise, despite the challenging natural market.

We offer our customers a range of price-stable, synthetic solutions that help ease the difficulties faced by formulators.

  • Pink grapefruit
  • White grapefruit


A citrus like no other. It contains higher levels of the compounds linalool and linalyl acetate which creates the distinct floral, citrusy and light aroma and taste. Best known for its use in teas, bergamot pairs extremely well with lemon flavours.

Grown almost exclusively in Calabria in southern Italy, oils from bergamot provide distinct and unique flavour profiles.


Each variety of mandarin imparts its own unique character. Our experts work with customers to identify exactly which notes will bring their product to life.  Whether you’re looking to add seasonality or create an all-round fresh and juicy characteristic, we will help you find what you’re looking for.

True mandarins are grown in Italy and the root stock is now planted in many regions of the world. Each is processed differently to produce a diverse range of profiles.

  • Distilled mandarin
  • Yellow mandarin
  • Red mandarin


These punchy, true to the fruit, flavour ingredients create exciting results. Each variety brings something special and our range of products offers formulators the flexibility needed to create a standout solution. Tangerine and mandarin are from the same botanical family.

Tangerine is the second most widely grown citrus fruit after orange.

Tangerine, Clemetine and Murcot are all in the same botanical family (Citrus Reticulata).

Product range

Essential Oils

An industry-leading range of high-quality FTNF single strength or concentrated citrus essential oils, expertly obtained through cold pressing or steam distillation of citrus fruits, followed by vacuum distillation.

Essential Oil Blends

A cost-stable portfolio of impactful solutions, providing customers with powerful products that perform in response to prevailing market conditions.

Natural Isolates

A collection of FTNF oils that have been fractionally distilled to produce highly desirable concentrated segments, or a single purified citrus molecule.


An authentic, premium range of highly soluble citrus extracts, with a well-balanced sensory profile that are impressive at low dosage rates, delivering an appealingly effective cost in use.

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A range of water soluble and clean label natural citrus solutions that perform effectively directly dosed in a range of beverage applications.

Working for a sustainable citrus future

The industries we serve have a significant impact on the environment. And as a business that takes its responsibilities seriously, we are owning the part we play in this.

We are working hard to create extracts and ingredients people love, in such a way that protects people, and our planet.

Find out more about our approach to sustainability and our work with SAI Platform, an organisation which is leading the way in sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Citrus VP1

Impactful, authentic profiles that are true to fruit

Our product range includes 100% natural citrus extracts and natural flavours that are water soluble, performing across a wide range of beverage applications whether a beverage is still or sparkling, alcoholic or non-alcohol based.

Citrus awakens the tastebuds in everything from juices, craft sodas, RTD teas, alcoholic beverages, flavoured waters, tonics and more.

Our 100% natural citrus oils range from single strength to terpeneless solutions, with a series of concentrations in between. We can offer a wider range of profiles by also working with essences and aromas recovered from the juice concentration process.

Citrus VP1

Bringing you closer to the source

Our customers benefit from the strength and diversity of our long-term relationships cultivated with our citrus partners across the world, offering the ultimate level of transparency from field to the finished beverage and reassurances on quality.

With a dedicated global citrus team, we are buying from the right sources at the right time and at the best possible price to the best quality standards.

We bring you closer to the raw materials, revealing stories about provenance, products and people.

We know what it takes to create a beverage that will stand out for all the right reasons, and excite the senses, whether you’re reformulating a product, or developing a new one

Citrus VP2

The brightest minds, all passionate about citrus

With hundreds of years of collective expertise, we live and breathe the citrus industry, which is why some of the world’s leading flavour and fragrance houses and beverage consumer goods companies choose to partner with us to re-imagine what is possible.

Our regulatory knowledge, dedication, and attention to detail enables us to deliver end-to-end quality that our customers trust.

Working across new product development, as well as efficient and effective matching, we take huge pride in solving our customers' problems, no matter how complex.

Citrus VP2

Connect consumers with the world's favourite flavours

We believe in sharing what we know about the citrus industry with our customers, empowering them to make the right commercial decisions now, and in the future – from technical know-how in essential oils to understanding production and processing techniques and impact on yields, to the latest beverage consumer trends and insights.

Our understanding of the macro trends driving the market together with innovation plays a finely tuned role in helping your brands connect with consumers in new and creative ways.

Powerful products, processed for performance

Manufactured in the UK and the US, our citrus products use effective and efficient processes that produce consistently high-quality results, providing our customers with an agile supply that can respond to their needs.

Our expertise in distillation allows us to concentrate a vast range of essential oils, allowing our customers to benefit from our scale.

We can also isolate specific compounds, as well as extract the oil and produce a range of water soluble items and enhanced soluble oils to meet the needs of a variety of global markets.


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