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The refreshing choice for authentic citrus profiles

Increasingly health-conscious consumers want great tasting beverages which meet their wellbeing needs and deliver on that fresh, authentic citrus experience.

Introducing the TreattClear™ Citrus range


True to fruit, FTNF (From The Named Fruit)

Intense, authentic, natural citrus extracts from global flavour favourites orange and lemon to tangerine, clementine, Sicilian blood orange and Mexican key lime.


Natural extracts, water soluble

Fresh, impactful citrus tastes provide formulators confidence in stability across a range of applications whether for still, carbonated, non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.

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Taste which performs across applications

A range of profiles created to appeal to health-conscious consumers who value the impact of flavour from juicy, pithy notes to peely, zesty, floral and refreshing profiles.

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Globally trending ingredients

Citrus continues to command a place in the top 5 beverage flavours globally. Demand for natural ingredients and clean labels is driving a resurgence in citrus with Gen Z and Millennials being the most receptive to the fresh and natural trend.

The TreattClear Sicilian Blood Orange remains one of the top sellers in our beers and shows no signs of slowing in sales

Closer to the source, naturally

We capture the best of nature with minimal intervention – our extracts are just about as close to the fruit as you can get. But the story of our TreattClears™ all begins in the citrus groves.
Because of our relationships with growers around the world, we get closer to the fruit, which means a stable, transparent supply chain and connecting your consumers with the story behind our ingredients.

Sample the delicately balanced taste of the

TreattClear™ range

A clear winner with consumers

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