Create the ultimate signature citrus profile with our new range of cost effective, differentiating TreattZest™ extracts

Citrus, in all its forms, has always been an integral part of who we are. We have been at the forefront of the citrus industry since our foundation in 1886. Over a century of combined sourcing, innovation, and extraction experience culminate in our new TreattZest™ range.


A gentle multistage extraction process results in a highly concentrated natural extract that is intensely effective at low dosage rates, keeping cost in use, and freight costs to a minimum.


All the products in this range have been carefully designed to consistently capture the very best authentic citrus profile.


As trusted experts in citrus, our capabilities, knowledge, and techniques are internationally recognised by those who need the best quality products, at scale.


We deliver consistently high-quality ingredients in what has become an increasingly challenging and often complex supply chain.

Signature range

TreattZest™ Orange

Our highly soluble, impactful authentic extract has a well-rounded orange aroma, with an aldehydic, peely body, and juicy, floral top notes.

Signature range

TreattZest™ Expressed Lime

A distinctive and authentic expressed lime profile, with a zesty, juicy and robust aroma.

Signature range

TreattZest™ Distilled Lime

Our well-balanced distilled lime has a truly premium sensory profile, with a powerful and juicy aroma.


“Our new range of signature citrus extracts capture the intense natural profiles of the fruit at their very best. Highly concentrated and easy to use, these extracts deliver a truly authentic experience to the end consumer.”

Paul Stott – Senior Citrus Category Manager

100% natural extract

Cost effective

Impactful authentic profile

Easy to use

“Innovation in citrus is part of the fabric of Treatt, and we’re immensely proud of our Signature range. It delivers maximum impact alongside increased solubility, while being low cost in use, and consistently high quality – that makes it a game changer.”

Lamia Gaman – Global Applications Manager

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