Working in perfect partnership on sustainability: Treatt joins Sustainable Agriculture Industry Platform

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Treatt has joined the Sustainable Agriculture Industry Platform to expand safe and responsible agricultural practices in South America.

Joining in collaboration with our lemon oil partner F.G.F Trapani, we will expand SAI Platform’s sustainable best practices into Argentina and Peru for the remainder of this year and into 2022.

Much of our lemon oil is harvested from F. G. F. Trapani’s South American farms, before ending up on global consumer shelves through beverages.

As a member of SAI Platform, we’ll continue to champion good working conditions for employees and promoting responsible and sustainable farming through their extensive global supply partners.

Craig Landles, Global Lead Citrus Buyer at Treatt, explains: “Sustainability has never been such an important factor in how businesses are scrutinised by customers, investors, employees and society as a whole. At Treatt, sustainability is a core focus and we are committed to enhancing our sustainability responsibilities across the Group.

“Treatt and F.G.F Trapani have the perfect partnership to support our customers’ sustainability requirements. We can instill best farm practice to others ‐ it is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference for the right moral reasons. It is something Treatt is very passionate about as a business and we are very proud to be so.

“Joining the SAI platform is a significant step forward and we are proud to become a member. We will be in a stronger position to share best practice knowledge, as well as embed and implement sustainable practices in our supply chain as a result.”

Find out more about our sustainable methods.

More about SAI Platform

Founded in 2002, the SAI Platform provides a pre‐competitive environment to address global sustainability challenges facing food production today, and in the years ahead. With a network of over 90 members around the world, SAI Platform is developing the practice of sustainable agricultural tools and principles that create secure and strong agricultural supply chains, to protect the earth’s resources.

The focus is member driven and SAI Platform meet their needs through Beef, Dairy and Crops Working Groups as well as its measurement and verification tool the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) and data collecting tool Spotlight. By leading the field to sustainable practices, SAI Platform delivers value to its members, farmers, their communities and consumers.

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