Citrus growing regions around the world

citrus growing regions map 2022

Naturally refreshing and intensely zesty, citrus is one of the world’s favourite flavours.

But where in the world is citrus grown?

Our dedicated global citrus team shares a round up of some of the key citrus growing regions across the globe.

Cultivating long-term relationships with our citrus partners across the world, we offer the ultimate level of transparency from field to the finished beverage, with reassurances on quality. By meeting the suppliers in our extensive and diverse network, we benefit not only from a first-hand account of market conditions, but the stories behind the ingredients.

Managing and mitigating risk for our customers is something we take very seriously, as we work hard to create extracts and ingredients people love, in such a way that protects people, and our planet.


The global leading producers of orange include China, Brazil, Mexico and Florida. Brazil is the largest processor of fruit and exporter of derivatives such as juice and essential oil. The state of Sao Paulo produces 80-90% of the country’s oranges.


Spain and California are the main producers of tangerine with China, Japan, Morocco and Argentina also producing smaller crops. The most sought-after type is Dancy, with other varieties such as Murcott, Honey Tangerine and Cravo also available.


Citrus Latifolia - Lime expressed (Tahitian/Persian) is predominantly grown in Brazil and on Mexico’s gulf coast. The limes produced are larger in size and more consistent in colour.

Citrus Aurantifolia - Lime distilled (Key) is predominantly grown in Mexico and Peru. The limes are smaller in size and harder in texture. They often vary in size and colour.


The leading producers of lemon include Argentina, Spain, and Italy with Mexico, the US and others playing smaller roles. Tucuman is the key growing region within Argentina and is renowned for its quality of lemons however over 80% of the fruit produced in this origin is processed.


White and pink grapefruit varieties have been in decline over recent years. Mexico and Florida remain the main producers with Israel, China, South Africa and Turkey also producing smaller crops.

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