An inspirational range of natural tea solutions

Our team support a growing global customer base in the creation and production of some of the most exciting tea products in this fast-expanding market.

Whether customers are looking for a fresh brewed flavour in their ready-to-drink Iced Tea or the delicate top notes in a blended beverage, we can supply the perfect tailored solution across a range of applications.


We source our teas from a number of premium global locations. Using our detailed knowledge of the different regions' harvesting and flush cycles, we obtain the highest quality teas available.

Working with growers and suppliers at the world's best Tea Gardens, our increasing library includes products from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa and beyond, giving our customers a transparent supply chain they can depend on.

DOWNLOAD | View our map to discover the regions where we source our tea varietals.


Our innovative range of naturally caffeine and tannin-free tea solutions offer a variety of flavour profiles.

With everything from delicate green teas, light iced-teas and full-bodied black teas to exciting Oolong and Darjeeling blends, our portfolio gives formulators the ultimate flexibility.


Our team of trained and accredited Tea Sommeliers work in partnership with our customers to understand exactly what their project needs before curating the perfect tailored solution.

With an unrivalled understanding of international tea tastes, our experts know what consumers respond to, sharing their insights at every turn.


Our innovative range of brewed tea extracts use a method which allows us to capture the delicate nuances artfully crafted during the sustainable tea growing and harvesting process to offer a variety of flavour profiles.

Discover everything from delicate, floral white teas to fresh green teas, and full-bodied black teas - our portfolio gives formulators the ultimate flexibility.

Our range offers clean, reliable convenience as there is no need to brew tea leaves, or risk inconsistent yields.

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