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Reducing sugar levels in everything from carbonated soft drinks and seltzers through to dairy shakes has never been a higher priority for beverage brands and their suppliers across the globe.

We are an established and trusted partner for flavour and fragrance houses and fast moving consumer goods companies working to improve the health-related impact of their products.

Our growing portfolio of 100% natural solutions appeal to formulators looking to achieve clean label status and reduce sugar levels, without compromising on delivering an extraordinary experience for the consumer.


Made entirely from 100% natural ingredients using proprietary distillation techniques, our products impart a fresh and natural sweetness without adding any calories, sugar or colour.

Sugar content can be reduced; the mouth feel and sweetness of products can be maintained, all without having to deal with the undesirable lingering characteristics often associated with Stevia and other sweeteners using our products.

We've recently expanded our range of Brix Boosters, increasing our sugar reduction capabilities.

Product range


100% natural and clean label extracts that deliver an improved perception of sweetness and improve mouthfeel, without adding any calories. Adding an authentic sugar profile at low dosages


100% natural and clean label sugar flavours that deliver an improved perception of sweetness and improve mouthfeel, without adding any calories. Adding an authentic sugar profile at low dosages

Brix Booster

Highly effective water-soluble natural flavours that significantly improve sweetness perception across a range of beverage applications.


Our expertise in and outside of the laboratory has made us an indispensable partner for businesses and brands in the Health and Wellness space.

The breadth of our portfolio means we're best placed to provide off the shelf products, as well as bespoke solutions, tailored to a customer's specific need. Our products not only reduce sugar while maintaining the mouth feel, but are proven to enhance the broader flavour profile of the beverage.

We conduct extensive sensory evaluations of our products in still drinks as well as in carbonated beverages. The results of our ongoing tasting trials show that our products deliver an accelerated sweet impact, reduced back end bitterness and a slightly improved sweetness. We can also demonstrate a smoothing effect that diminishes the peak sweetness and softened the back end impression while also offering an enhanced mouthfeel.


We give our customers the ultimate choice when it comes to developing solutions that reduce sugar in a number of flavour compositions and beverage applications.

Our 100% natural ingredients have been designed to work in combination with high intensity sweeteners like Stevia where it smoothes out the sweetness profile and undesirable lingering flavour characteristics often associated with these ingredients. They can be labelled simply as natural flavours on end products.

Improving beverage flavour, while providing the required healthy attributes, is key to product success. Consumers like the natural, sweet taste of real sugar but prefer this to be delivered without the high calories, or indeed the addition of artificial flavours.

Our distillates offer an effective alternative to such artificial flavours. Our products impart a natural ‘zing’, modifying top notes and giving a high impact at low dosage levels. Created through a range of specialist technologies, including a short duration/low temperature distillation process to maximise flavour entrapment, we ensure the character of the distillate is a reflection of the original, fresh food.

Our product range delivers a variety of benefits when formulating beverages.

Increase sweetness perception

Increase mouthfeel and fullness

Help carry and deliver flavour
Improve the aftertaste profile

Reduce acidity perception

Reduce bitterness


Growth in the low and no category is a clear example of moderation becoming normalised as consumers actively seek experiential and healthier alternatives to traditional alcohol with low and no alternatives. There’s no doubt our drinking habits are changing as we embrace a preventative and holistic approach to our health and wellbeing.

Delivering an alcoholic beverage experience to a no alcohol format is a challenge but one which we relish at Treatt. Innovation is at the heart of this sector’s success and our global expertise is already playing a big part in delivering some of the best low and no beverages consumers will enjoy.

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