A World Of Flavours

Our herb, spice and floral portfolio spans 100% natural ingredients made from the named food, bespoke blends as well as price-stable synthetics.

We source, manufacture and supply over 500 herb, spice and floral products - consistently providing superior quality solutions to our global customer base.

By working closely with our customers, and understanding their specification requirements, we manufacture and supply solutions that exactly match specific requirements, taking every detail into consideration.

Procurement experts travel the world to develop and maintain our supply chains, passing on first-hand insights to our customers.

Whether our customers are looking to impart a fresh botanical note, bring a little heat or introduce a delicate blossom-like profile, our experts will find the solution that will capture imagination and delight consumers.

In addition to supplying products that create a meaningful impact to a product's taste profile, we also work with customers to identify how these products are shaping the latest trends in the beverage sector.

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