Over a century of knowledge, innovation and results.

We develop flavour and fragrance ingredients with an inspirational modern twist. Collaborating at the crossroads of science and art, we make the impossible possible.

Helping create the trends and flavours of the future

Our ingredients are present in countless food, beverage and personal care products in over 90 countries across the world. When it comes to our knowledge on the latest consumer trends, we take pride in sharing what we know with our customers, helping make their jobs easier.

By operating at the cutting edge of sensory innovation, the market insights we share, help shape our customers' new product development.

Whether we're hosting innovation workshops for flavourists and perfumers, providing market data or delivering reports on what's going to be the next big hit on the supermarket shelves - customers rely on the intel we provide.

Secure and strategic global sourcing

Our global procurement team has unrivalled market knowledge which is respected, trusted and relied upon by our customers.

We travel a lot and invest in our supplier relationships to ensure our fingers are always on the pulse of what’s going on in the markets and the wider industry. Visiting growers and processors across the globe means we have the latest first-hand information from those in the know which is invaluable.

We work hard to develop and maintain transparent and stable supply chains across our product portfolio, mitigating risk and providing maximum traceability throughout every stage of the process.

Working directly with growers and processors across the world guarantees the finest quality raw materials and standards of production. By sharing these insights with our customers directly, via our market intelligence report or on our website, we help our customers to make the best choices to suit their business today, and in the future.

Delivering quality when it matters most

Our reputation has been built on years of consistent results. Integrity cannot be imitated or bought, which is why our quality assurance and control processes are paramount.

We are governed by the highest set of industry standards which gives our customers peace of mind that they're working with people and products they can trust.

Customers have confidence in our rigorous quality assurance, composition and containment analysis, partnering with our people at every stage of their project.

Global manufacturing facilities

From our facilities in the UK, US and China, we create consistently high quality products that are sold in over 90 countries.

With an unrelenting focus on health and safety, we manufacture as well as process sourced material, which gives us flexibility that is truly valued by our customers. We are certified against the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety which further illustrates our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

Our expertise in fractional distillation allows us to isolate a vast range of key natural volatiles from essential oils; solutions we provide in a range of pack sizes. We have inventory across three continents, which allows us to readily supply our products from various locations.

We invest in the latest technology to bring you consistent product quality and service excellence around the world. Our growth strategy depends on investment in technical expertise and equipment, reinforcing our reputation for offering innovative and consistently high quality products.

Expertise and creativity you can taste

We have an established heritage that grounds us but also gives us the foundations from which we can confidently launch ourselves into what’s ahead. We are committed to identifying and understanding market trends driven by complex global socioeconomic factors and see innovation as a responsibility of every department across the group.

Experts across our laboratories, business development, R&D, applications and marketing departments work together to drive future development, ensuring we stay ahead. Our strategic approach to global new product development results in a portfolio of appealing products which give customers a true commercial advantage.

Protecting our customers and their global consumers

Our regulatory knowledge, dedication and attention to detail enables us to deliver end-to-end quality that our customers can trust. We know we're getting it right when customers rely on our people for ongoing support or come to us first with a problem they need solving quickly and efficiently.

We work with customers to provide consistently safe, high quality goods that meet the, often complex, regulatory needs.

Keeping our customers at the heart of all we do

We take pride in answering our customers' needs with knowledge and creativity. Our commitment to excellent service spans all departments and ensures that our strategy, people and processes are all aligned with the needs of the customer.

Our Customer Care Charter was developed in 2016 and sets out the promise we make to our customers every day of the year.


We are receptive, proactive and open-minded. We go the extra mile to understand what our customers need from us, thinking outside the box.


We think ahead, helping others and sharing what we know in order to improve how we work. Working with enthusiasm and energy, we keep our customers' needs at the forefront of what we do, always looking for ways to make things better.


Our global team is cohesive, committed and communicative, all day, every day. We are honest, practical and positive, always working together to support our colleagues and serve our customers.


Nothing gives us more pride than exceeding our customers' expectations. Professional at every turn, we solve problems and get things done to the highest standard.