Your Grapefruit Solutions

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Grapefruit makes an ideal ingredient in beverages due to its distinct flavour profile and wide array of health benefits, providing high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. The popular ingredient can be found in waters, flavoured alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, cordials, carbonates, energy and sports drinks as well as ready to drink teas.

Florida has long been the world leader in grapefruit production, however it is now at a critical level. After the disastrous hurricanes of 2004, hurricane Irma and citrus greening, grapefruit prices have seen increased production costs due to low yields and low juice consumption. From 10.8 million boxes in 2015/2016 to the forecasted production for 2017/2018 starting at 4.9 million, to now being at 3.88 million, we’re looking at a significant 64% reduction in grapefruit crops in just the last two years. As a result, supply is greatly reduced.

Mexico also witnessed a crop reduction as to two hurricanes hit grapefruit growing regions, resulting in significant fruit drop. In conjunction with the storms, the amount of wet weather caused the fruits to become highly saturated, reducing the juice and oil yield for the fruit.

However, market challenges do not stop grapefruit from being one of the most popular citrus flavours. Our global strategic procurement team watch the market and have anticipated the high demand and limited supply for a while. In anticipation of these sustainability issues, our experts have produced a range of price-stable grapefruit solutions at a time when demand outsrips supply.

100% Natural

With no short to medium term supply recovery in sight (due to flooding in the groves and high demand), our sustainable solutions are cost-effective, matching the same recognisable characteristics of true grapefruit oil. Our solutions are designed by controlling the blend of sustainable, alternative oils with similar properties to grapefruit, allowing us to reassure you with clean label requirements.

Price Stable Synthetics

These products are made using synthetic ingredients and have been carefully crafted to behave, perform and look like the pure materials found in nature. These solutions can be used independently or as a base to build more complex flavours. As they are synthetic, these products are considerably reliable and minimise the risks of market volatility.

Citrus is core to our business. Our capabilities and over 130 years of expertise makes us a reliable partner for our global customers. We are proud to work so closely with our supply chain, sharing our first-hand market knowledge which helps our customers to make the best buying decisions for their business. We manufacture in the UK and the US so we can provide you with an agile supply that responds to your needs.

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