Meet Caron: the R&D Scientist artfully blending creativity and science

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What do you do at Treatt?

I develop novel products and novel processes by understanding and applying scientific principles creatively. My main function is to innovate, and this involves improving existing products and processes by exploring new and efficient ways of doing things. I am responsible for identifying problems and finding solutions through investigations and experimentation.

How did you get started in Research & Development as a scientist?

I studied Chemistry and Biochemistry and acquired the skills and knowledge required to adapt in any scientific job function. I worked in analytical for four years prior and my natural curiosity, problem-solving skills and scientific background got the attention of the R&D manager at the time. I did many investigations and made many recommendations to him, and HR thought it was a natural fit for me to move to Research and Development.

What have you been working on recently?

Recently, I have been engaged in several projects across our product portfolio, including a new sugar distillate for our health and wellness category, pomelo and aqueous distillates for citrus category and examining the intricate and delicate flavour of elderflower. Long term, my passion involves using enzymes to create novel flavour systems.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Marrying the fundamentals of science with innate creativity brings me most joy working at Treatt. I love analysing volatile component information and making discoveries. The most exciting part of my job is the satisfaction of solving a problem. This process involves gaining and sharing knowledge. I love wearing multiple hats and being versatile when approaching certain projects. No one day at Treatt is the same, and it’s never mundane. New business wins to work on are an added bonus.

What are the key trends or ‘ones to watch’ for future?

The key trends for the future would involve bioactive ingredients, food pharmacy and prescriptions to manage certain health conditions. People are embracing the concept of food as medicine to treat chronic disease and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Functional ingredients will continue to play a key role in our daily lives. I also believe from both regulatory and sustainability perspectives that bio-engineering of flavours will be key in the future, naturally derived rather than chemically made. I believe that the evolution of taste experiences will play a key role for ingredient manufacturers to become very creative. Flavour ingredients will need to evoke not only sensory attributes, but also tactile and visual cues.

Any tips for someone thinking of joining the team at Treatt?

Treatt is a great company if you are looking for a place to learn and to grow. Be prepared to work hard but equally expect to be justly rewarded. Treatt provides a relaxed cultural atmosphere and very diverse working environment. If you want to work together as a team, but as individual be very passionate about what you do with utmost integrity and can respectfully challenge the norms and evoke change then you will be a perfect fit at Treatt.

What’s your favourite drink?

Rum punch in the summer and Baileys in the winter.

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