Meet the Scientist


Bringing exceptional flavours to our customers takes a wealth of expertise from the Treatt team across the globe.

Today we’re meeting Lamia Gaman, Applications Manager, to find out about her experience working for Treatt and what her job entails.

What’s your role at Treatt?
I run the Applications Team, based in our UK office.

What does the Applications Team do?
We play an essential role checking the stability and functionality of our products after they are developed by our Innovations Team. That means testing everything, from how our ingredients work and in what application, to calculating the best dosage to use and advising on shelf life.

We work very closely with our customers to formulate or reformulate their beverages using our ingredients to meet their exact requirements.

Why did you join Treatt?
I was studying for my Masters in Chemistry before I came to Treatt. It’s a subject I’ve always loved because I’m naturally very inquisitive and like understanding how things work. Chemistry helps us understand why certain materials behave the way that they do on a granular level.

As part of this, the course included a year in industry which I spent at Treatt and it went from there.

It was an industry that prior to joining I didn’t really even know existed. I can use elements of my training with my passion for food and flavours – it’s the perfect job.

How has your career progressed since joining Treatt?
I started on the graduate scheme, learning more in each department I was placed in. However, when I joined the Applications Team, I realised this was where my passion was. Treatt were exceptionally accommodating when I asked if I could stay in the department and it’s gone from there. I now manage the department and the team.

Why do you like working at Treatt?
It was a real ‘no brainer’ for me to carve out my career at Treatt. The work is great, but so is the company. There’s a real togetherness and friendly atmosphere that has remained throughout, even when the pandemic has kept us more physically distanced.

What do you do on a typical day?
Always tricky to answer – there are rarely two days the same! I could be responding to customer briefs or working on our demos, which we use to showcase our flavour portfolio and upcoming trends. The vast majority of the time I’m getting stuck-in at the lab and this is where I love to be. Like many other roles there are still a fair share of meetings, but more often than not they are with our customers, discussing projects we are working on.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?
Every day is different and that variability is fantastic. However, I get a real buzz when I’m in the supermarket and I spot a product I’ve helped create on the shelf – it’s so rewarding to see the end result.

How has Covid-19 changed how you work?
The initial lockdown was a struggle as we are such a practical department that it is very difficult to work from home. However, we quickly worked out a rota system so we can take turns being in the lab in a safe and socially-distanced way, which is great as we are able to maintain the same level of support as before to our customers.

What are the key trends most of interest to your customers?
Hard seltzers are absolutely flying – you can see the supermarket shelves in the UK are promoting new product launches in this space on almost a weekly basis. Iced coffee and ice tea are also really popular.

What trends are the ‘ones to watch’ for future?
Functional beverages were already on the rise but have definitely had a boost from the pandemic. Consumers really value the added vitamins, immunity boosting or other health claims these drinks can make. These beverages used to be the reserve of the health-food shops but are now much more mainstream.

What do you do in your spare time in a Covid-19 world?
When I’m not on rota to be in the lab, I’m working from home, so I’m exploring ways to switch off from work and be more mindful – from painting to jigsaws, I like to try new things to relax.

Finally, what’s your favourite beverage?
It’s not that exciting but I absolutely love flavoured sparkling waters! They’re my go-to drink.

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