Top 4 beverage trends for 2022

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Top 4 megatrends shaping global beverages in the year ahead

We take a look at the top 4 megatrends set to shape the future of the beverage industry, sharing the latest global data and insights.

For each megatrend we get closer to the key drivers affecting consumer behaviour, what this means for beverages across the world and helps to answer your questions around consumer trends.

The megatrends are:

1. Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing has morphed from a trend to a way of life but remains a key motivator of consumer behaviour globally. From the silent generation to Gen Z, all are embracing both a preventative and curative approach to health in a holistic and more personalised way than ever before. Across the CPG landscape we are witnessing a rapid evolution of this megatrend.

2. Sustainability and ethics

The health of the planet is now the top consumer concern. There is a mounting awareness and concern surrounding the scale, complexity, and interdependence of shared social and environmental challenges globally. As the pandemic continues to highlight global inequalities, sustainability and ethical consumption concerns will only increase in significance and further impact consumer purchasing behaviours.

3. Sensory and indulgence

Consumers are seeking enjoyment beyond tangible products themselves. They are becoming more “experience-driven” and are willing to pay more for an enhanced brand experience. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for brands to perform at an experiential level, and offer varied, novel, and complex sensations for optimal enjoyment.

4. Digital lifestyles

Shopping and consumption patterns continue to evolve at a rapid pace in our digital world. In a hyper-connected, technology-enabled society, consumers seamlessly integrate the use of multiple technologies into their lives an d buying behaviour.

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