Ingredient Insight: Jalapeño

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Discover the ingredient story behind the jalapeños used in our 100% natural Jalapeño
and their popularity in food and beverage trends.

Where do most of our jalapeños grow?

Most of the jalapeños we use are grown in the fields of the Southeastern United States.

Due to the advantageous location of our manufacturing base in Lakeland, Florida, our supply chain teams maintain a strong and collaborative working relationship with the growers and visit the farms to oversee the progress of the jalapeño crops.

The story behind jalapeños

These medium-sized chilli peppers are named after the city of Xalapa in Mexico where they were first cultivated. As a member of the capsicum family, jalapeños offer a moderate level of spiciness, with their heat varying from mild to hot depending on how they are grown and prepared. The presence of brown and white lines on jalapeños, known as 'corking', indicates the maturity of the pepper. Generally, the more lines there are, the more mature the pepper is, suggesting a higher level of pungency.

Jalapeños can thrive in various soil types and temperatures, although they tend to produce the best results in sandy, loam soil and warmer climates, as long as they receive sufficient water. A single plant typically yields around 30 to 40 pods, which are harvested multiple times while still green during the growing season. Towards the end of the growing period, the peppers transition from green to vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Why are jalapeños so popular?

It is believed that jalapeños have several health benefits. They are said to help lower blood pressure, alleviate migraines, and potentially aid in weight loss.

Jalapeños can be found in a variety of products, including beverages, crisps, cheeses, and even chocolate. They are known to pair well with lime, mango, tomatoes, and honey, as well as more unique ingredients like strawberries, counterbalancing the spice of the jalapeño by bringing out the distinctive bell like flavour. These combinations cater to the desires of modern consumers who seek more adventurous flavours.

Spice and Pepper flavours have continued to trend across new product launches in the flavoured alcoholic beverage market, appearing in over 30% of all new product launches between 2020-2023 (Mintel, 2023).

In the realm of cocktail innovation, Jalapeño remains a prominent flavour, in particular, adding a fiery kick to the ever-popular spicy margarita.

Spicy Margarita cocktail with Limes and Jalapenos

Introducing our Jalapeño Treattarome®

Our 100% natural Jalapeno Treattarome® is from the named food and contains no added preservatives or antioxidants. It is wholly distilled from fresh jalapeño peppers (capsicum annuum) and provides a fresh bell pepper characteristic to many food and beverage applications.

Jalapeño Treattarome® in application - our flavourist tips

Our team of experts share valuable insights and recommendations regarding the utilisation of our range of products. When it comes to our Jalapeño Treattarome®, you can expect a delightful combination of vegetative, waxy, pepper, green leafy, and black pepper aroma notes.

The flavour profile is characterised by its green, grassy, seedy and has a vegetative flavour. This makes it incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide array of applications, especially when notes of jalapeño are desired without introducing spice.

It imparts a fresh bell pepper characteristic to many food and beverage applications, notably adding a delicious zest to salsas and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, it complements and harmonises well with other spicy and earthy flavours like ginger or lemongrass. Green notes can add an umami element alongside a fresh, spicy, green note to other vegetable flavours.

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