Global Quality Assurance Capabilities

global quality assurance

We are proud of our global quality assurance capabilities and conform to the highest international standards and increasingly complex regulations. We are also committed to developing and maintaining a transparent and stable supply chain by partnering with key people and organisations at every stage. This ensures we mitigate risk and provide maximum traceability, giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Protecting Our Customers and Their Consumers

Our people are at the forefront of our business. Unrivalled dedication and attention to detail are signature qualities of Treatt employees, who have earned our reputation for high quality and consistent results over the last 130 years. Our customers can depend on us for on-going technical support and our ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Highest Professional Standards

We are confident in our rigorous quality assurance, composition and containment analysis techniques and together with appropriate labelling for smooth, we ensure safe transportation of our solutions across the globe. The high level of standards we maintain across the business and the industries in which we operate, provide customers with products they can empirically trust. Integrity cannot be imitated or bought, which is why our quality assurance and control processes are paramount.

We’re Growing

As volumes rapidly increase along with our growing customer base, we continue to invest in our quality control. This is paramount to achieve compliance, manage risk and continue to exceed our customer requirements. In order to support the growth and the high innovative demand for new product development, the quality control and research and development areas are being updated and expanded across our global sites.

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