Treatt launch bespoke coffee solutions and expands portfolio

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Discover why we’re experts in extraction with our bespoke coffee solutions and the launch of our extended coffee range, available to customers in North America.

Our coffee expertise

With around two billion cups being consumed daily, coffee is the second most popular beverage globally, surpassed only by water.

As a preferred beverage choice due to its unique taste, aroma, and distinctive flavour, consumers are becoming increasingly coffee savvy and their expectations on quality and provenance shows no signs of waning. Coffee is one of the most complex products in the world when it comes to its aromas, and our team of scientists are well equipped to capture the tastiest aspects.

We marry our passion for coffee with world-class technical know-how. Our core coffee portfolio contains products that are suited to all the major coffee ready-to-drink applications, ranging from oat lattes to espresso martinis and from the most indulgent of treats to the cleaner label, reduced sugar options.

Bespoke coffee solutions to elevate your brand

Craft precision.

As experts in extraction, we know one brew doesn’t suit all, which is why we partner with our customers to create impactful coffee solutions, tailored to their specific needs. Using global insights and consumer trends, our market-led products account for specific taste profiles, origins and labelling.

Coffee is personal, to brands and to the consumer. We understand the importance of putting a unique stamp on a coffee flavour and story. Our experts collaborate with customers across the coffee industry, leveraging our expertise and market insights to develop new products or evolve products already in the market.

Discover our coffee portfolio

Rebekah Kettrick, Category & Sourcing Manager – Coffee & Tea

Consistent quality.

Our gentle brewing process, using proprietary technology, delivers on impact, depth of flavour, consistency and quality – while maintaining and enhancing the subtle nuances of freshly brewed coffee.

“Alongside our bespoke solutions, we’re delighted to announce the expansion of our coffee extracts range, enabling beverage developers to replicate freshly brewed coffee flavours at scale, in a ready-to-drink format, time and time again.” – Rebekah Kettrick, Category & Sourcing Manager – Coffee & Tea

We have evolved our coffee category with our commitment to lessening our impact on the planet in mind circular approach to our waste streams, with our coffee grounds becoming feedstock for high-grade compost in the USA.

Nuanced flavour.

We source premium grade beans for our coffee extracts which are slow roasted to enhance the natural sweetness and deliver a true-to-brew profile. Our range has expanded with an all-rounder Espresso blend, adding to our range of Brazilian and Colombian offerings.

Our new, Espresso Blend, delivers an impactful, full bodied flavour profile with notes of intense dark chocolate, balanced sweetness and lingering smoky notes. This blend has been carefully crafted to serve as an ideal foundation for beverages that incorporate various bold elements, like flavoured lattes and espresso martinis. The impressive character of this blend guarantees that the distinct taste of coffee remains is the star.

Our 100% Colombian Coffee Extract brings a balanced flavour profile of milk chocolate sweetness, subtle fruity notes and a lasting note of caramelized sugar. This extract is perfect as a black ready-to-drink option, giving the opportunity to appreciate the complex flavor. Additionally, it also makes for a deliciously moreish latte too. Coffee enthusiasts appreciate the excellence of Colombian coffee, and this extract truly showcases its flavour and origin at its best.

Our 100% Brazilian Coffee Extract provides a balanced flavour profile of bittersweet dark chocolate, and a syrupy mouthfeel with lingering roasted notes – making it an excellent all-rounder.

Coffee beans

Experience our coffee for yourself

To learn more about how our bespoke solutions and products can elevate your coffee project, request a demo and a member of our expert team will reach out to arrange a tailored demonstration of our ingredients in action.

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