A sweet boost: Treatt expands sugar reduction capabilities in beverage

brix booster hero

Reducing sugar levels in everything from carbonated soft drinks and seltzers to dairy shakes has never been a higher priority for beverage brands and their suppliers globally.

Treatt’s sugar reduction capabilities are growing with the introduction of its new Brix Booster products.

The range extension follows the success of the first Brix Booster, and is in response to increasing consumer demand for authentic, sugar-like flavours which meet healthier living needs without compromising on taste.

The expanded range offers unique blends of all natural sweet ingredients, essences and aromas that do not add calories to finished beverages, delivering everything from subtle sugar cane notes, through to bold sugar profiles with rich molasses nuances.

Brix boosting benefits

  • Increases sweetness perception
  • Improves mouthfeel
  • Improves authentic sugar profile when formulating with high intensity sweeteners (HIS)
  • Lifts overall flavour profile of beverage

The Brix Boosters increase the perception of sweetness within a beverage while improving mouthfeel adding a more authentic sugar like profile. Because they contain the volatile aromas from natural sweet foodstuffs that have been specifically selected, they slot into a beverage formulation without disrupting the overall profile.

Rosie Travers, Health & Wellness Category Manager at Treatt comments:

“Our Brix Boosters can be used as a sugar flavour ingredient in sugar free, low and reduced sugar formulations, or in conjunction with natural or synthetic high intensity sweeteners.

“This natural flavour provides an authentic sucrose impression to the sweetness profile. We have seen success across a wide range of applications in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They deliver a sugar-like taste, rounded sweetness, improved mouthfeel, and lasting sugar flavour that works harmoniously within the flavour profile of the beverage.”

Introducing the range: 3 sugar taste profiles for any application

  • Brix Booster 9884 has a mild sugar flavour profile, reminiscent of unrefined sugar or sugar cane. Works well with flavoured waters, lemonade, citrus and berry flavour beverage applications.
  • Brix Booster 9885 has a rich sugar flavour profile, reminiscent of light brown sugar. Works well with orangeade, cola, tonic, tropical and berry flavour beverage applications.
  • Brix Booster 9886 delivers a bold sugar flavour profile, reminiscent of brown sugar with notes of dried fruits and molasses. Works well with iced tea, coffee, cola, ginger beer, brown and robust flavour beverage applications.

Find out more today about our sugar reduction expertise, and be inspired with a taste of what we can do for you.