Our history

Join us on a journey through history

We are proud of our heritage in trading essential oils. Our founder Richard Court Treatt's charismatic and personable approach still embodies the spirit of Treatt today.

1886 Richard Court Treatt begins trading in essential oils on Bond Street, London

1906 Treatt's first commercial import – lavender oil from Spain

1913 Treatt becomes a limited company with Richard Court Treatt, Archibald Stirling and Arthur Cordrey on the board

1924 On Richard Court Treatt's death, Archibald Stirling takes over as chairman and managing director and E W Bovill joins the board. Treatt is entrusted as sole agent for the sale of clove oil produced in Zanzibar

1930 Treatt begins marketing bitter orange oil from an estate in East Africa, still a Treatt supplier today

1934 Treatt becomes the sole agent for cinnamon leaf oil from the Seychelles

1943 Lauchlan Rose of the L Rose Company, today part of Cadbury Schweppes, joins the board.

1971 Marks a major milestone: Treatt establishes its current headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, UK

1973 Treatt moves into chemical sales and starts contract compounding

1978 Manufacturing by distillation begins

1989 Treatt plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its first subsidiary is established in Florida, USA.

1996 The Treattarome® product range is launched

2002 In Lakeland, Florida, Treatt moves to a new larger facility

2006 Treatt opens a sales office in Shanghai

2007 Treatt acquires essential oil supplier Earthoil (based in the UK and Kenya) and enters the organics market