The story of our sun-loving watermelons

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Where do the watermelons we use for our products grow?

Most of the watermelons we source are grown in the sunny fields of the Southeastern United States, mainly Florida and Georgia. We work very closely with local farmers as one of our manufacturing sites is based in Florida.

Watermelons like hot weather – they do not tolerate the cold and need at least 8 to 10 hours a day of direct sunlight. Growing in fields on sprawling vines, they take around 90 days to grow with two main harvests: spring and summer.

The farmers only pick the watermelons when the fruit is fully ripe – they won’t continue to ripen after being harvested. To support sustainability, the distance from the fields to our manufacturing base can be as close as 30kms. The card bins and pallets used to deliver our watermelons are also now collected and reused by the supplier for our next delivery of watermelons, with this circular approach continuing multiple times.

What's the story?

Originally from Northeast Africa, the first recorded mention of watermelon was in ancient Egypt nearly 5,000 years ago. In Africa they were first used not so much as a food source, but to store and transport water – not surprising as they are around 92% water.

Watermelons are related to cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash and are the most widely consumed melons in the United States. In Japan, they have perfected the art of growing square watermelons, which fit neatly into refrigerators.

A great source of vitamin C, watermelons contain smaller amounts of potassium, copper, and vitamin A. While many of us enjoy the juicy flesh, watermelon seeds are rich in minerals while the rind contains L-citrulline, an amino acid that’s been studied for its role in reducing inflammation, blood pressure and improving athletic performance.

Why we love watermelons

Sweet, juicy, and incredibly refreshing – what’s not to love?

Watermelon provides a wonderful sense of nostalgia, bringing about thoughts of summertime, but thanks to its versatility, it is increasingly becoming a flavour for all seasons. It aligns perfectly to the growing health and wellness trend, with consumers wanting authentic, natural flavours.

Our 100% natural watermelon extract, Watermelon Treattarome® is wholly distilled from fresh watermelons and is particularly effective in clear beverages where unusual, tropical notes are required, delivering a refreshing fruity, juicy character with balanced flowery and fruity backend notes.

Fresh thinking

From fresh cucumber and watermelon solutions to rich honeys and fiery gingers, we have a growing range of natural solutions that deliver extraordinary results.

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We are working hard to create extracts and ingredients people love, in such a way that protects people, and our planet. Find out more about sustainability at Treatt.

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