Global Sourcing: Secure, Sustainable and Strategic

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At Treatt, we work closely with our suppliers and conduct business with a long-term relationship view. We pride ourselves as a professional business, founded on relationships, openness, honesty and trust to all our suppliers.

Business Continuity

Sustainable sourcing is vital in securing our supplies and reduces the risk and volatility in our market, as well as having the potential to improve the quality of our products. Yet, it also opens up other opportunities for innovation, focusing on people’s living needs as well as supporting positive climate action. Good environmental practice is important in ensuring that we, and our suppliers, operate responsible and sustainable businesses, which reduce the negative impact on the environment as much as practicable.


We work hard to develop and maintain transparent and stable supply chains across our product portfolio. Treatt is committed to mitigating risk and providing maximum traceability throughout every stage of the process, as consumers and stakeholders want to know more about where their products have come from.

Unrivalled Market Knowledge

We have a dedicated global team of buyers who look after an array of areas within the business. By visiting our growers and processors across the world, we invest in relationships to ensure our fingers are always on the pulse of what’s going on in the markets and in the industry. This gives our global procurement team unrivalled market knowledge, providing pivotal information to our customers. It also guarantees the finest quality raw materials and standards of production.
By sharing these insights with our customers directly, via our market intelligence report or on our website, we help our customers to make the best choices to suit their business today, and in the future.

Read our latest Market Intelligence reports or email us at to discover more about our sourcing capabilities.