Innovation in every sense

We use the best fragrance ingredients to create sensory stories consumers will use to express themselves. Our inventive people work closely with perfumers to understand their vision before uncovering the perfect note that will bring harmony to a blend.

Our fragrance ingredient range spans all the fragrance families, giving our customers the ultimate flexibility when experimenting with different top, middle and base notes.

Whether we're providing an ingredient for personal care products, fine fragrances or for household applications, we consistently deliver intelligent and stimulating solutions.


With a strong and established background in citrus, our capabilities, knowledge and techniques are internationally recognised and valued by those who need the best quality products at every level. We provide everything from 100% natural citrus solutions made from the named fruit to bespoke blends, as well as price-stable synthetics.

Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetable aqueous distillates are 100% natural. Developed by our team of experts using our proprietary technology, they're known for their powerful, authentic impact. By distilling them at low temperatures over short periods we can effectively maximise the optimum flavour entrapment, producing an exciting end solution that is entirely of its raw material.

Herbs, Spices and Florals

Whether our customers are looking to impart a fresh botanical note, bring a little heat or introduce a delicate blossom-like profile, our experts will find the solution that will capture imagination and delight consumers.

High Impact and Aroma Chemicals

We have developed an extensive portfolio of specialty high impact aroma chemicals in conjunction with our strategic partner, Endeavour Specialty Chemicals, based in the UK. Our range of aroma, natural and high impact specialty chemicals work well in a number of applications, offering formulators and manufacturers a way of delivering authentic, aromatic profiles.