What it Takes to Become a TAC Tea Sommelier

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At Treatt, we have a team of Tea Sommeliers based in the US. Dave Arnold, our most recently qualified member of the team, gained his accreditation in December 2017 from the Tea Association of Canada (TAC), passing the course with outstanding results.

A TAC Tea Sommelier is professionally trained in taste, terroir and history of tea. You will also learn about tea processing methods and preparation, along with menu design and food pairings. To become a TAC tea sommelier, you will have to complete eight modules in the TAC Tea Sommelier™/℠ course either at a college or online. You will also have had to pass the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada Certification examination.

There are eight modules in the program:

• Tea 101: Introduction Tea
• Tea 102: Regions of the World
• Tea 103: Tea Sensory Development
• Tea 104: Tea Types
• Tea 105: From the Bush to the Cup
• Tea 106: Preparation, Consumption and Health
• Tea 107: Menu Design, Food Pairing and Cooking with Tea
• Tea 108: The Business of Tea

Dave took over 27 exams and then went on to complete the final TAC Tea Sommelier® certification exam, which involved four modules; Tea Preparation, Oral Exam, a multiple-choice exam and Blind Tasting. The Blind Tasting involved examining a series of 10 teas to determine style, type and country of origin.

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