Tea Varietal Focus: Darjeeling


Darjeeling is a variety of tea which is grown in West Bengal, India. The name ‘Darjeeling’ comes from the Darjeeling district where it’s found, although it is also produced in the neighbouring Kalimpong district.

Flavour profile & application

Like all high grown teas, Darjeeling gets its unique taste from the growing conditions of the surrounding areas. It is a predominantly light brew, slightly drying and finishes off with a distinct muscatel flavour and sweetness. When brewed correctly, it is very floral and fruity in nature, with floral top end notes and finishing with fruity back end notes.

Darjeeling can be processed as black, green, white or oolong tea. It is mainly sold as loose leaf and used in premium and organic tea products for fresh brewing applications. However, it can also be sold as an instant powder to be used in an iced tea application. This is something which is becoming increasingly popular and we’re seeing tea-based product launches soar thanks to snowballing consumer demand, driven largely by North America’s giant appetite for iced tea.

Here at Treatt, we use the finest blend of Darjeeling tea, sourced sustainably from the Darjeeling district, to produce the most flavourful tea extracts. Of all our tea products, our Darjeeling Treattarome® is one of our most sought after.

Our 100% natural Darjeeling extracts work particularly well in iced tea applications, especially when paired with complimentary flavours such as lavender or basil. It’s an incredibly versatile product that lends itself to a number of different beverage categories.

Our expertise

Our capabilities in the tea category have gone from strength-to-strength, thanks to investments in both technology and people. Our specialist tea sommeliers have an in-depth knowledge of the market, and the trends driving its growth.

It is this expert knowledge which makes our Darjeeling extracts stand out from the crowd. Our solutions are all FTNF (from the named fruit), which means they’re made using only water and extracts from the tea leaves themselves. This allows us to capture and preserve the true and natural notes of the Darjeeling flavour profile and create solutions with a powerful, authentic impact.

Our tea range consists of natural aqueous distillates and blends, all of which are made from traceable tea products with a powerful provenance. As aqueous distillates, our Darjeeling extracts are also completely clear, so there is no clouding when they’re added to beverages such as iced teas.

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