Managing our Supply Chains

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At Treatt, we manufacture and supply a diverse portfolio of flavour and fragrance ingredients to over 90 countries across the globe from our core facilities in the UK, the US and China. Our global footprint and our integrated supply chain, whereby we manufacture as well as process sourced material, gives us flexibility and agility that is valued by customers.

We actively engage with our supply chain at every stage of the business, travelling the world to see our farmers and production facilities, understand local issues and ensure that our standards are adopted universally.

The success of our business has been built upon managing the long-term stability of supply through geographic, political and climatic risk by judicious purchasing and inventory management to ensure continuity of supply and availability.

Supply for natural products can fluctuate caused by uncontrollable climatic conditions and natural disasters. From flooding, storm damage, wildfires and earthquakes, all of which can impact the availability of natural raw materials. The key to working with natural crops, where movements in the market can be unexpected, is ensuring the availability of alternative supply sources. This is fundamental in a challenging market, which is why we work hard to maintain and establish our relationships across the globe. This ensures long-term continuity of supply to ensure peace of mind for our customers.

We are also proactive problem solvers who look for a better way. Whether it’s increasing transparency, a process improvement, an innovative way of supply chain mapping or new product development; our teams are inventing ways to increase efficiency and deliver excellence for our customers.

We understand that everything we do has an impact on people and the environment, which is why we operate in an ethical and socially responsible way. With a deep-rooted respect for the world's resources, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable, fair and rewarding future for all our staff, suppliers and growers – wherever they live. To support our beliefs, we are committed to meeting the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) best practice requirements.

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We work hard to maintain a transparent supply chain, sharing our market knowledge with our customers via our Market Intelligence reports, presentations and workshops as part of our service. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the webpage, so you can be the first to receive our Market Intelligence. Alternatively, please email a member of our team at to find out more information on our capabilities.