Ingredient Insight: Watermelon


Watermelon is an essential summer staple which could be set to challenge coconut, not just in the flavoured water category, but in everything from flavoured yoghurts to flours made from the seed. The ingredient has seen an increase by 43% in the last two years in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, according to Technomic’s 2017 Flavor report.

Whilst watermelon is about 92% water, it can provide great benefits other than hydration. The amino acid citrulline found naturally in the fruit can reduce inflammation and help with muscle soreness, as well as reducing blood pressure. Beverages such as water, beer and even watermelon milks have been seen on the market this year.

Inspired from the food reduction movement, this year’s trend is also looking at using ingredients from the stalk to the top, to cut down food waste. We have seen pickled watermelon rinds as well as using the seeds which make up 1 to 4% of the total fruit which is wasted. This has been made into innovative products such as watermelon seed tea which has a powerful cleansing effect to remove toxins and waste material as well as being able to regulate your blood pressure. Who knows what’s next?

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