Ingredient Insight: Cucumber

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The cucumbers we use in our 100% natural Cucumber Treattarome® are mostly grown in the fields of the South Eastern United States.

You don’t get a closer working relationship with the local farmers than we do as one of our manufacturing bases in Florida is only 30km away from the fields. Our team regularly visit the local farms to keep a close eye on how the cucumber crops are doing, in partnership with the growers.

Cucumber field

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Fruit or vegetable? Cucumbers are often eaten as a vegetable but they are scientifically considered a fruit as they contain enclosed seeds and develop from a flower.

As they grow in raised beds in the fields, their big green leaves protect the cucumbers from the sun but allow them to soak up all the lush southern heat they need.

Typically, there are two harvests; a spring crop (mid-April to May) and an autumn crop (mid-October to November), depending on the weather.

The farmers usually plant our cucumber crops in phases, to stagger the harvesting so that all the crops are not picked and delivered to Treatt at once.

It’s not unusual for a cucumber to be growing in the field 48 hours before it has been picked, delivered, and processed which is how we extract the purest, always fresh taste.

Why we love cucumbers

We have a bit of a soft spot for cucumbers – partly because of our brilliant relationships with the local growers but also our customers tell us that you cannot get a fresher, more authentic cucumber taste profile than our Cucumber Treattarome® which delivers exquisite fresh, green notes.

The water solubility of our Cucumber Treattarome® allows for easy and flexible application into a variety of products, proving particularly effective in clear beverages where more unusual, tropical notes are required. It also pairs well with floral and botanical notes.

At around 95% water, cucumbers are said to be extremely hydrating. They are rich in potassium, which can help to lower blood pressure, and plentiful in flavonoids and tannins, which have both been shown to reduce pain.

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