How Culture Drives Business Success


Culture stresses common values and goals which are pivotal to a company’s success. Here at Treatt, our core values are: integrity, teamwork, challenge and pride and passion. These values were chosen by us and are owned by our team of over 370 employees. These values combined with our people are an integral part of our business strategy, which are the fuel for our business growth.

We interviewed Daemmon to find out more about his view on these values:

What is your most favourite value and why?
My favourite value is teamwork. We have brilliant individuals in the business, but nothing is more powerful than when individuals work together as a team. A lot of the success at Treatt, over the recent years has been brilliant people working together as a team.

Why are our values so important to the business?
To drive business success, our set of common behaviours help us identify who we are, why we are and steers a commonality of approach. It doesn’t mean we are all the same, but it gives us a guidance to work on.

What are you most proud of at Treatt?
Our people are our biggest asset, they are the key differentiator in a competitive marketplace. It pleases me to see those surpassing my expectations daily, which we recognise with Employee of the Quarter which aligns with our core values.

Tell me more about work-life balance?
I’ve suffered my own work-life balance, but I’ve learnt you can’t work 24 hours a day. Presenteeism isn’t a value at Treatt as I want to see people have a balanced and happy life so that they can bring their best self to work resulting in the best business possible. This is one of the reasons why we encourage a healthy work culture so that work and responsibilities outside of work can continue to sit comfortably beside each other, allowing us to provide great service to our customers.

How do you think our culture will have evolved in 5 years time?
Our culture and environment will progress significantly, with the TUSA expansion and the UK site relocation here in Bury St Edmunds which will enhance the way we communicate and allow us to operate more efficiently. We will also continue to invest in targeted training and provide other opportunities for development in order to keep staff engagement high.

Finally, if you could have another value, what would it be?

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