Ingredient Insight: Chipotle


Chipotle (pronounced ‘chuh-powt-lei’) is a chilli pepper from the Jalapeño family that has been smoke-dried.

Although it’s most well known as a cooking spice, it has recently started to emerge as an exciting beverage ingredient, offering a distinctive kick from its delicious smoky flavour and complex sweet and spicy pepper notes.

We’re already seeing chipotle starting to appear in beers and spirits and as this trend grows, we are also expecting it to filter into other key beverage categories. Sweet and acidic flavours such as pineapple and lime compliment chipotle perfectly which makes it ideal for cocktails and, given its Mexican heritage, tequila is one of the spirits it’s most often paired with.

The demand for chipotle is being driven by Millennials and Gen Z who heavily value new experiences and flavours within the beverage arena. This spicy, smoky flavour can add a tantalising punch to an otherwise traditional beverage, helping products to stand out on shelf and capture the attention of experience-seeking consumers.

Our Chipotle Pepper Treattarome® is FTNF – from the named fruit, which means it is wholly derived from chipotle peppers and is particularly effective in beverages where a typical chipotle pepper character is required. It delivers an authentic and intense smoky pepper note with sweet spice undertones.

As with all our Treattaromes®, the product is an aqueous distillate so there is no need for dilution and is ideal for clean label formulations being free from calories, sugar, added preservatives and antioxidants. As it’s entirely natural, it means it can be classed as an extract on labels as opposed to a flavour. Our Chipotle Pepper Treattarome® is also clear, so it’s free from colouring and doesn’t make beverages cloudy when it’s added.

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