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Non-caloric blends of all natural essences, the TreattSweet™ 100 percent natural distillates smooth out the sweetness profile of beverages sweetened with high intensity sweeteners like Stevia.

The range currently comprises:

TreattSweet™ 9854 imparts a mild, sweet, fruity flavour to juices, waters, alcoholic beverages, dairy products and dressings

TreattSweet™ 9856 is a low odour alternative, it offering a subtle flavour and light fruity notes. As a result, TreattSweet Extra delivers less aroma intensity at levels of 100 ppm upwards.

TreattSweet™ 9857 tackles the issues associated with carbonation, acidulants and sugar in low calorie beverages. TreattSweet Sparkling delivers a more intense flavour profile and ensures optimum Stevia performance in carbonated drinks at low pH and at reduced sugar levels.

TreattSweet™ 9859 - The back-end bitterness of Reb A tends to accentuate the natural astringency associated with tea, challenging the palate with harsh undertones. TreattSweet Tea softens the harsh aspects, and adds lively sweet notes to the overall impression, allowing a smooth, creamy tea flavour to come through.

Sugar Treattarome® range

Complex sugary flavours for food systems without adding sugar or calories, these aqueous distillates are produced from sugar cane and are sucrose-free; only the volatiles are collected. They work well with artificial sweeteners and evoke sucrose in diet applications. Sugar Treattaromes are excellent in milk based drinks such as smoothies, and also as a modifier of alcoholic beverages, juices and flavoured waters. They are a companion to aspartame, acesulfame K and sucralose in diet beverages.

The range of Sugar Treattaromes currently comprises:

Sugar Treattarome® 9805 imparts an authentic, sweet flavour to food systems without adding sugar or calories. Successfully applied in bakery, confectionery, and alcoholic drinks it is also particularly suited to diet beverages where it 'naturalises' the effect of artificial sweeteners.

Sugar Treattarome® 9806 gives a no-calorie complex sugary flavour to food systems. It is successful in bakery and confectionery products and as a 'naturaliser' in diet beverages. Creamy sweet notes are enhanced in dairy, chocolate and coffee applications.

Sugar Treattarome® 9807 provides a sweetness enhancing property which skews very slightly towards brown sugar with a very nice, smooth, smoky aroma.

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Product Description

Treattsweet 9854
Treattsweet Extra 9856

Product Description

Treattsweet Sparkling 9857
TreattSweet Tea 9859