Fragrance ingredients

Reduced Allergen Specialities

This range offers cost-effective solutions to common allergen and stability issues associated with natural ingredients in fragrance applications. By reducing allergens in a variety of oils, perfumers can more easily use important fragrance oils singly and in combination that may otherwise be restricted.

The range includes:

Low Total Furanocoumarin Citrus oils: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime Expressed
Nutmeg Oil Low Methyl Eugenol, Pimento Berry Type Low Methyl Eugenol, Lavender Low Allergen distillate


The MeritT range has been developed to offer powerful, price stable, 'plug and play' fragrance ingredients, the characteristics of which can be readily identified when being considered for use by perfumers.

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Product Description

Bergamot MeritT
Bergamot MeritT Plus
Galbanum MeritT
Grapefruit MeritT Plus
Lemon and Lime MeritT Terpeneless
Lemon MeritT
Lemon MeritT 5 fold
Lemon MeritT 5 fold Plus

Product Description

Lemon MeritT Plus
Lime MeritT
Lime MeritT Plus
Mandarin MeritT Plus DMA free
Orange Essence MeritT
Orange MeritT
Orange MeritT Plus
Orange MeritT Terpeneless