Beverage ingredients


The TreattFusion™ range of natural beverage specialties have been carefully blended to give unique profiles to beverage applications. They provide improved solubility compared to concentrated oils due to selective enhancement of polar flavour components which make these products particularly suitable for clear beverage applications. We employ a range of proprietary techniques to produce these unique natural beverage ingredients.

Some examples of TreattFusions we have recently developed are:

TreattFusion Lime Fresh
TreattFusion Lime Candy
TreattFusion Lime Cordial
TreattFusion Lemon Zest
TreattFusion Lemon Drop
TreattFusion Oriental Lemon
TreattFusion Mountain Pepper
TreattFusion Russian Spice
TreattFusion Jamaican Pepper
TreattFusion Juniperberry
TreattFusion Chamomile
TreattFusion Chamomile Extra


The TreattZest™ range of unique highly concentrated FTNF (From The Named Food) citrus oils are created by a gentle extraction process to capture the true to fruit character which can be lost by more traditional concentration techniques. They can be used on their own or with other ingredients to create signature flavour systems. These oils are soluble in both PG and ethanol and offer improved stability compared with standard folded oils with less risk of oxidation due to the reduced level of terpenes. They provide economic cost in use and are ideal for use in carbonated and still soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and juices.

Product Description CAS(US) CAS(EU) FEMA
TreattZest Expressed Lime Oil Tahiti 8008-26-2 90063-52-8 2631
TreattZest Lemon Essence 8008-56-8 84929-31-7 2625
TreattZest Lemon Juicy 8008-56-8 84929-31-7 2626
Product Description CAS(US) CAS(EU) FEMA
TreattZest Lemon Sicilian 8008-56-8 84929-31-7 2626
TreattZest Lime Distilled 8008-26-2 90063-52-8 2631
TreattZest Orange Juicy 8008-57-9 8028-48-6 2825