Functional ingredients

Beverage ingredients

This range has been developed specifically for use in beverage applications offering enhanced flavour and improved solubility and cost, amongst other benefits, versus standard essential oils. These added value specialities complement Treatt’s broader range of products, many of which are also used in beverage applications.


A range of natural beverage specialties which have been carefully blended to give unique profiles to beverage applications.


A range of unique highly concentrated FTNF (From The Named Food) citrus oils created by a gentle extraction process to capture the true to fruit character which can be lost by more traditional concentration techniques.

Fragrance ingredients

This range provides solutions to many allergen, cost and stability issues associated with natural ingredients in fragrance applications. By reducing allergens in a variety of oils Treatt offers perfumers cost-effective flexibility, making easier the single and combined use of important fragrance oils.


The MeritT range has been developed to offer powerful, price stable, 'plug and play' fragrance ingredients.

Reduced Allergen Specialties

This range offers cost-effective solutions to common allergen and stability issues associated with natural ingredients in fragrance applications. By reducing allergens in a variety of oils, perfumers can more easily use important fragrance oils singly and in combination which may otherwise be restricted.

Sugar Reduction

Products in this range provide a solution for lower calorie products, as formulators seek to reduce the sugar content in their products, while maintaining the mouthfeel and sweetness. Such products are non-caloric, 100% natural essences that impart desirable flavour and mouthfeel, while smoothing out the sweetness profile and undesirable lingering characteristics associated with Stevia and other sweeteners. The water-white nature of these products makes them particularly suitable for formulating refreshing, clear beverages.

TreattSweet™ range

Non-caloric blends of all natural essences and ingredients, the TreattSweet™ 100 percent natural distillates smooth out the sweetness profile of beverages sweetened with high intensity sweeteners like Stevia.

Sugar Treattarome® range

Complex sugary flavours for food systems without adding sugar or calories, these aqueous distillates are produced from sugar cane and are sucrose-free; only the volatiles are collected. They work well with artificial sweeteners and evoke sucrose in diet applications

Honey Treattarome® range

With no sugar or calories, a sweet honey flavour can be added to food systems with these FTNF (From The Named Food) aqueous distillates which are wholly distilled from honey.

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