CitrustT ™

CitrustT™ essential oils are a unique range of folded and terpeneless citrus oils, which contain very low levels of agricultural residues (AR). Unlike traditional folded or concentrated citrus oils, the level of AR does not increase according to the concentration of the oil. Thanks to our legislative knowledge and our in-house analytical expertise, we have been able to develop innovative methodologies to reduce agricultural residues.

All CitrustT™ Oils are 'From The Named Food' (FTNF) and include lemon, orange and lime varieties.

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Product Description

Decanal 50% Natural CitrustT
Grapefruit 5 Fold CitrustT
Grapefruit Terpeneless CitrustT
Lemon CitrustT
Lemon CitrustT 2, 5, 7, 10, fold
Lemon CitrustT Terpeneless
Lime CitrustT 2, 4, 5 fold
Lime CitrustT Oil

Product Description

Lime CitrustT Terpeneless
Lime Expressed CitrustT
Lime Expressed Terpeneless CitrustT
Myrcene 40% Natural CitrustT
Octanal 90% Natural CitrustT
Orange Citrust Oil
Orange CitrustT 2, 5, 7, 10, 20 fold
Orange CitrustT Terpeneless