Ingredient Insight: Jalapeño

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Where do most of our jalapeños grow?

Most of the jalapeños we use in our 100% natural Jalapeño Treattarome® are grown in the fields of the Southeastern United States.

Thanks to Treatt’s US manufacturing base being in Florida, our teams have a great working relationship with the growers and visit the farms to keep a close eye on how the jalapeño crops are doing.

Tell us more

These medium-sized chilli peppers are named from the city Xalapa in Mexico where they were first cultivated.

A member of the capsicum family, jalapeños provide a reasonable amount of spice, and their heat level varies from mild to hot, depending on cultivation and preparation. The brown and white lines on jalapeños is known as ‘corking’, in which the more lines indicate a more mature pepper, suggesting they are likely to be more pungent.

Jalapeños can thrive in a few soil types and temperatures, although sandy, loam soil and warmer climates can produce the best results, provided they have adequate water.

Typically, a plant produces around 30 to 40 pods. During a growing period, a plant will be picked multiple times when they are still green. As the growing season ends, the peppers turn red, orange, and yellow.

Why we love them

Found in everything from beverages, crisps, cheeses and even chocolate, jalapeños pair well with lime, mango, tomatoes, and honey, as well as more unusual ingredients such as strawberries – all meeting the needs of today’s consumers with more adventurous tastes.

Jalapeños can reportedly help lower blood pressure, fight migraines, and possibly even assist with weight loss.

Wholly distilled from fresh jalapeño peppers (capsicum annuum), our 100% natural Jalapeño Treattarome® delivers fresh earthy pepper notes without the “heat” of the jalapeño pepper.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, especially when notes of jalapeño are desired without introducing spice, it provides a fresh bell pepper characteristic to many food and beverage applications. It also adds a delicious zest to salsas and alcoholic beverages, whilst providing an authentic green pepper aroma.

Fresh thinking

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