Food Matters Live

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We are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at Food Matters Live 2018, 20-22 November at London Excel at stand 152 in the Ingredients Zone.

Our team of flavour scientists will demonstrate our 100% natural sugar reduction solutions at the Treatt Touchdown. Visitors to the stand will be able to taste samples and immerse themselves in multi-sensory innovation. Charlotte Catignani, our research and development manager says: “I have visited Food Matters Live for many years and it has always served as a good indicator of trends appearing in the food and beverage space, particularly with regards to health and wellness. We’re delighted to be exhibiting and presenting this year and are looking forward to opportunities resulting from our increased presence at the show.” We will also showcase our expertise in citrus, tea and natural fruit and vegetable products.

Reducing sugar levels remains high on the agenda for beverage brands and suppliers across the globe with increasing pressure from health lobbyists driving manufacturers to dramatically reduce sugar content. Whilst sugar taxes continue to gain momentum with many implemented in 2018, consumer’s appetite for highly sweetened products continues to diminish. We operate at the cutting edge of sensory innovation. By exploiting the overlap in neurological processing, we can enhance the perception of sweetness with odour components. We are also able to improve flavour and mouthfeel with our 100% natural solutions. These contain no sugar, calories or colouring making them convenient as well as effective to formulate with.

Charlotte will be speaking live at Food Matters Live on Tuesday 20th November at 1.00pm, regarding the role of cross-modal correspondence in calorie reduction. Crossmodal correspondence is the tendency for a sensory feature, or attribute, in one modality to be matched with a sensory feature in another modality. In this talk, Charlotte will explain how crossmodalism works and describe crossmodal strategies that may be employed in calorie reduction. Charlotte will also be presenting how multi-sensory can shape innovation on Wednesday 21st November at 10.50am. Multi-sensory in this context applies to products which relate to or involve several physiological senses at the same time. Charlotte will highlight some of the most innovative multi-sensory products and explain how a multi-sensory approach can inspire food and beverage innovation.

Please visit Food Matters Live to register now or contact for more information.