Take a Break for Treatt's New Natural Tea Launches

green tea shutterstock 265400270a

Treatt, the leading flavour and fragrance ingredient manufacturer, has introduced three exciting new additions to its innovative portfolio of tea products. Developed in response to the growing global popularity of tea, these latest launches offer beverage producers cost-effective natural ingredients to develop the good-tasting tea options consumers are looking for.

Green Tea TrueTaste® Natural 200 is a 200 fold iced tea concentrate made using natural tea ingredients. Produced using tea solids rather than caramel colour, Green Tea TrueTaste® Natural 200 delivers a premium quality beverage with a clean label and satisfying flavour. When reconstituted to single strength, the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea contains a minimum of 0.04% tea solids and imparts an authentic deep tea colour with a gentle astringency. It also offers the added benefit of the true fresh taste of iced tea while eliminating the difficulties often experienced when handling powders, and eradicating high brewing costs. Green Tea rueTaste Natural 200 is particularly suitable for the production of single strength RTD teas.

Developed specifically to work with Stevia and other sweeteners in tea beverages, TreattSweet™ Tea 9859 is a unique non-caloric blend of all-natural essences. When used in tea applications, the back-end bitterness of sweeteners such as Rebaudioside A (a component derived from the Stevia plant) can accentuate tea's natural astringency. At dosage levels of 100ppm, TreattSweet Tea 9859 softens these harsh undertones and adds lively, sweet aromas to the beverage flavour. It also allows a creamy tea flavour with light fruity notes to come through.

A blend of natural essences from tea and other botanical sources, White Tea Type WONF (With Other Natural Flavours) enables manufacturers to retain the natural, delicate aroma traditionally associated with white tea. White Tea Type WONF confers both subtle, fruity white tea notes and a more robust, tenacious finish when added to RTD applications. It can be used at dosage levels of between 1,000 and 5,000ppm in the finished beverage depending on the flavour intensity required.

These latest additions to the Treatt tea portfolio complements the company's comprehensive range of natural tea ingredients which already includes Green Tea Treattarome 9767, Tea Treattarome - Iced 9765, Black Tea Treattarome – Light 9760, Black Tea Treattarome – Brewed 9761 and Black Tea Treattarome – Extra 9768.