Treatt presents expanded ingredients portfolio at IFT


Treatt, booth #1934, IFT Food Expo, July 13 – 16 2013, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Treatt, a world leading manufacturer of innovative flavor and fragrance ingredients, is showcasing new and exciting introductions to its product range at this year's IFT in Chicago. The extended portfolio features a new Pineapple Treattarome®, a new Green Tea, and a further addition to the popular TreattSweet range of all-natural essences, as well as various additions to its prominent citrus portfolio.

Visitors to the Treatt booth will be greeted by a number of tempting samples from the renowned Treattarome® range, including Pineapple Treattarome 9736 which will debut at IFT. Unlike other pineapple essences in the marketplace that impart a cooked or metallic flavor profile, Pineapple Treattarome 9736 is produced from freshly crushed pineapple, utilizing a short-pass and low temperature distillation process to capture the flavor and aroma of freshly sliced pineapple. All Treattarome products are FTNF (From the Named Food) 100 per cent natural distillates and created using proprietary technology, to achieve the fine nuances of a flavor while also delivering ease of use.

Treatt sweet white

Clear and entirely water soluble, Treattarome products are suitable for a multitude of applications including beverages, alcoholic drinks, juices and dairy. Treatt will also release Green Tea TrueTaste Natural 200, as an addition to its TrueTaste line of tea concentrates. This product, which is free of caramel color, is formulated with all-natural ingredients including tea solids, and is useful in a variety of applications. The blending of delicate green tea essence with green tea solids imparts an authentic fresh green tea flavor, with a hay-like front end and typical green tea finish.

Visitors will also encounter a new version of TreattSweet™, which has been designed to improve the taste of Stevia in an extended range of beverage applications. TreattSweet blends are unique, non-caloric blends of all-natural essences, smoothing out the sweetness profile and undesirable flavor characteristics that can be associated with Stevia and other sweeteners. The TreattSweet range also includes TreattSweet 9854, TreattSweet Extra 9856 for reduced odor applications, and TreattSweet Sparkling 9857, which tackles the issues associated with carbonation, acidulants and sugar in low-calorie beverages – all of which have a significant impact on flavor perception and sweetness.

Experts will be on the Treatt booth to demonstrate how these innovative flavor solutions can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications, and to discuss how visitors can benefit from Treatt's ingredients and in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in the flavor and fragrance industries. For further information and consultation throughout the show, visit booth #1934 at IFT 2013.