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Using innovative coffee ingredients to create good tasting iced beverages

Douglas Rash, VP - Global Sales, Treatt, discusses the iced coffee market and Treatt's portfolio of ingredients to meet rising consumer demand.

"Worth more than $100 billion globally, coffee is one of the world's best-loved beverages. In fact, we consume over 500 billion cups of it, worldwide, each year. Coffee's consumer base is also continuing to broaden, thanks in part to growing popularity in new markets (China for example), but also by different varieties, such as iced coffee, becoming more mainstream.

"The US iced coffee industry is now second only to Japan in size and continues to expand. And although launch activity in iced coffee continues to be dominated by Asia, which accounts for almost three-quarters of total iced coffee introductions, Europe now seems to be gaining ground with 16 per cent of product launches in 2011.

"To keep pace with this dynamic industry and develop the good tasting RTD or iced coffee beverages the market demands, drinks producers are looking for exciting ingredients that help impart the rich, authentic coffee flavour consumers desire. Treatt, as a world-leading flavour ingredient specialist, is well placed to help manufacturers achieve these aims.

"Coffee Treattarome® Full Roast 9780 and Coffee Treattarome Mellow 9781 are two key ingredients in Treatt's coffee range. They have been developed to deliver an authentic roasted bean flavour at a cost-effective price. Wholly distilled from Coffee – Coffea Arabica, each product is FTNF (From The Named Food) and has been formulated using Treatt's proprietary manufacturing technology which ensures maximum flavour extraction.

"When used in applications, Coffee Treattarome Full Roast 9780 and Coffee Treattarome Mellow 9781 confer a full, rich coffee character. They are particularly effective when incorporated as a top note in RTD coffee beverages. Coffee Treattarome Full Roast 9780 and Coffee Treattarome Mellow 9781 can be used in similar end products but each distillate delivers a subtly different aroma. As a result, manufacturers can select their preferred Treattarome depending on the flavour profile required. For example, the Full Roast variety imparts a warm, full roasted coffee flavour with rich chocolate back notes, while Coffee Treattarome Mellow delivers strong coffee and chocolate aromas. An ashy back-end also gives an espresso-like finish. In addition, they can be applied at varying dosage levels – at 0.1% an intense coffee character is delivered, while at 0.05% or less they impart delicate coffee notes with chocolate nuances.

"The growing iced coffee industry is good news for the global beverage industry and drinks manufacturers are eager to ensure they formulate products which meet the taste preferences of their target audience. Treatt, with its continuously expanding portfolio of flavour ingredients, can help these manufacturers achieve their aims to deliver RTD coffee beverages which the authentic coffee flavour consumers are looking for."

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