Hop to it: TREATT introduces new treattarome for beer

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Treatt, a world-leading flavour and fragrance ingredient specialist, has expanded its range of 100% natural distillates with the launch of Cascade Hop Treattarome® 9305. This innovative ingredient allows beer manufacturers to retain the clean, full aroma of the original hops in their beers, which can sometimes be lost during the brewing process. Traditional brewing methods can result in large volumes of gas carrying away the aromatic volatiles, crucial for beer’s characteristic flavour. Cascade Hop Treattarome, however, contains a high level of volatiles, which maintain this distinctive flavour. A clear, water-based liquid, Cascade Hop Treattarome confers a strong hoppy aroma and taste to beer, true to the named hop varietal. It is an unmodified hop essence, distilled exclusively from Humulus Lupus.

At low usage levels of 100 – 300 ppm, Cascade Hop Treattarome can be incorporated into the brewing process at the end of fermentation, helping to improve the flavour profile of the finished product. Cascade Hop Treattarome is free from alpha-acids and beta-acids, meaning it doesn’t leave a bitter taste. It is the first in a series of hop essences produced using Treatt’s proprietary technology.

Douglas Rash, Group VP - Global Sales, Treatt, comments: “Cascade hops are essential in beer formulation as they are high in volatiles, which deliver a characteristic taste to the end product. Hops that have low bitterness and high aroma are particularly popular with manufacturers of European lager-style beers. We’ve introduced our Cascade Hop Treattarome to help brewers meet the rising consumer demand for beer with a strong aroma and flavour.”