Time for more tea

tealeaf high res

Douglas Rash, Group VP - Global Sales, Treatt, discusses the global tea market and Treatt's broadened tea offering to meet rising consumer demand.

"Tea is currently an unstoppable force in the global beverage industry. Sales in the US are expected to grow to nearly $8 billion by 2014 from its current $6.5 billion, while in the UK, 165 million cups of tea are drunk each day. The world's second most consumed drink after water; consumers' tea tastes are becoming increasingly varied. The Tea Council in the UK estimates that there are now over 1500 varieties of the plant Camellia sinensis but it is the black and green tea varieties which remain the most popular.

"Considering tea's numerous health benefits, this exceptional growth and popularity should come as no surprise. As consumers look to be more proactive about their health, they are seeking healthier, thirst quenching alternatives such as tea.

"To meet these rising demands, drink manufacturers are looking for cost-effective natural ingredients to develop good-tasting tea beverages and carve their share in this dynamic market. Treatt offers a comprehensive range of tea essences, featuring both black and green tea options. They deliver an exceptional flavour and aroma and are suitable for both Ready-To-Drink (RTD) and food service beverages.

"Treatt has recently significantly expanded its production capacity to meet this growing consumer demand for tea. In conjunction with this capacity increase, Treatt has broadened its black tea portfolio, and also rejuvenated its green tea offering, to leverage the scale and cost structure obtained by means of such capacity increase.

"Alongside tea, coffee has also shown significant growth in recent years. The second biggest import in the US after oil, coffee has a broadened consumer base, thanks to the popularity of different varieties, such as iced coffee, becoming more mainstream. In light of this, Treatt is in the process of redesigning its range of coffee essences to be cost-effective while broadening the product offering to include light roast to dark roast flavour profiles.

"The rapidly expanding tea market is good news for tea-lovers throughout the world, as there is a wider variety available than ever before. Treatt is rising to the occasion by continuously innovating and developing new products and expanding production supply to meet these needs."