Favourable Flavours

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Flavour is pivotal to the enjoyment of food, but consumer preferences vary constantly. A recent Innova Market Insights report outlines natural and authenticity as the key trends in food in 2012, and this looks set to continue. Manufacturers are facing the challenge of creating nutritional foods and beverages that are also great-tasting. Despite the current economic situation, consumers are still interested in premium foods, and so manufacturers are looking into more innovative ways of incorporating interesting flavours into products.

Lightly spicy
Spicy flavours are being used by food manufacturers looking to adhere to the authenticity trend. Independent supplier to the flavour industry, Treatt has developed a pepper Treattarome® to enhance savoury flavours without adding the fiery sensation of chilli pepper. Like the natural fruit, the Jalapeno Treattarome carries a green, bell pepper-like note that is favoured among consumers.

Taking its name from Xalapa in Veracruz state, Mexico, the jalapeno pepper is generally used in hot sauces. At a dose of 0.1%, Treattarome 9816 imparts a strong fresh, green and earthy flavour with warm paprika notes, but without the intense heat. At a dose of less than 0.01%, it delivers fresh, green peppery undertones. Ingredients such as the Jalapeno Treattarome are being developed in response to customer demand for new fresh, savoury and even sweet flavours. Lightly spiced flavours offer the promise of creative cocktails, vegetable sauces and dips for imaginative new product development.

Spicy flavours are always popular with consumers and this trend has led manufacturers to seek full flavoured ingredients for enhancing food and beverages. Another product in the Treatt Pepper portfolio is the Habanero Pepper Treattarome 9815, which imparts an authentic and well-rounded habanero flavour to food systems. Food manufacturers are looking to increase the culinary experience for the entire product, so aroma is just as important as taste. The Habanero Pepper Treattarome has a spicy pepper aroma which boosts authenticity and consumer appeal. The suggested dosage of 0.0025% (25ppm) is enough to confer fruit top-notes and spicy and roasted back end notes.

The Natural Touch
Natural flavours continue to be a key trend in the food and drink sector, and manufacturers are keen to follow this interest. Also drawing from the natural, strong flavours of the original vegetable, the Green Pepper Treattarome 9723 is a natural FTNF water white distillate that is distilled from fresh peppers, which adds depth and flavour to functional foods and beverages. The unique green and astringent notes have a strong bell pepper taste which can be used in salsa, sauces and dressings. The depth of flavour that the Treattarome imparts means that it can be a cost-effective ingredient for manufacturers, as it is effective at remarkably low dosage rates in adult beverages, fruit juices, vegetable blends and dressings.

As consumers continue to be interested in the nutritional value of food products and are becoming more aware of the impact of diet on their health, vegetable flavours are growing in popularity. The Bell Pepper Treattarome Roasted 9810 is also wholly distilled from peppers, but instead utilises the Mediterranean flavour of roasted pepper to add flame roasted, capsicum flavour to food systems such as savoury beverages, soups, vegetable blends and dressings. Manufacturers can add sautéed pepper base notes to savoury food and beverages to confer a desirable aroma.

Classic Flavours
Food and drink manufacturers looking to adhere to the premium product trend have again turned their attention to more classic flavours. Black pepper is a classic flavour for food products, so it comes as no surprise that the Black Pepper Distillate remains a natural Treatt speciality, with its warm, spicy aroma and taste. The ingredient gives clarity and low colour to a wide range of perfumery and flavour applications. The characteristic black pepper flavour imparts a spicy aroma reminiscent of brown sugar and chocolate.

Vegetable flavours feature firmly in consumers' diets and this is seen with the latest flavour innovations. Spicy yet sweet tastes are also popular with manufacturers looking to use less ingredients to give the same strong flavour. Both cost-effective and efficient in the production process, the Pepper Treattaromes are just the beginning in the search for fresh, natural flavours for functional foods and beverages.