Earthoil expands low-allergen portfolio

Earthoil, the personal care and cosmetics ingredients division of Treatt, is expanding its range of modified essential oils which are low in allergens and substances of concern, as well as pure, organic, fair trade and natural essential oils, in the wake of tightening legislation and accelerated consumer demand. With an ever-changing regulatory landscape, Earthoil seeks to boost the consumer appeal of products by using technical expertise and cutting-edge methods of distillation to produce low-allergen ingredients, such as low methyl eugenol rose oil and low furanocoumarin grapefruit oil.

Removing allergens adds proven benefits to personal care applications such as shampoos and skin creams, including reduced irritation to sensitive skin. In order to achieve the coveted ‘low-allergen’ positioning, an additional step is implemented into the production process, which focuses on removing allergens that naturally occur in several widely used essential oils. As it is a physical process, the product’s organic or fair trade status remains uncompromised, further improving overall consumer perception and ethical legitimacy, as well as maintaining the performance of the essential oil.

John Forbes, Global Technical Support Manager at Earthoil comments: “Earthoil is committed to offering low-allergen ingredients and works to reduce the problems personal care manufacturers face in using essential oils. With consumers increasingly seeking safer and ethically sound personal care products, allergen levels create fresh opportunities for manufacturers worldwide to differentiate cosmetics and fragrances. With the European Union’s ever-increasing list of restricted substances, Earthoil now endeavours to expand its range of low-allergen products while marketing its capabilities on a global scale, as other territories are likely to adopt similar stances.”

“We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor our essential oils to meet individual customer requirements and aspire to further expand our range to match evolving consumer needs. Earthoil is well placed in the market to successfully deliver such ingredients and is backed by Treatt’s expertise in precision distillation.”

Earthoil currently offers a wide range of low-allergen products in its repertoire of essential oils. These aromas deliver natural fragrances that are safer for use on the skin and include ingredients such as low methyl eugenol rose oil, low furanocoumarin bergamot oil, low methyl eugenol tea tree oil and low furanocoumarin grapefruit oil.