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Treatt, the global flavour ingredients specialist, is introducing a range of concentrated alcohol-based natural flavours to the fragrance, food and beverage industries. The new ConcenTreatt™ ingredients offer high flavour intensity at low dosage levels and provide excellent solubility in water, meaning that the concentrates are particularly suited for use in clear drinks. The first products to be introduced are Pineapple ConcenTreatt and Passion Fruit ConcenTreatt, with additional flavours currently in development.

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Pineapple ConcenTreatt is sourced exclusively from Ananas comosus and provides a green aroma and juicy intense ripe pineapple flavour. Unlike traditional pineapple essences, which often confer cooked, candy-like off notes or an unpleasant metallic taste, Pineapple ConcenTreatt captures the true character of freshly sliced pineapple. Wholly sourced from yellow passion fruit, Passiflora edulis flavicarpa, Passion Fruit ConcenTreatt delivers a fruity character, tropical undertones and balanced sulphurous and ester notes to clear beverages, as well as a number of other food systems.

With sales of natural foods and beverages predicted to reach $39.1 billion by 2015[1], ConcenTreatts are a fitting addition to Treatt's existing portfolio of 100% natural, FTNF (From The Named Food) clear concentrates. ConcenTreatts are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including alcoholic beverages, juices, carbonated soft drinks, smoothies, flavoured waters and more.

"We've developed ConcenTreatts in response to customer demand for highly concentrated natural flavours," explains Douglas Rash, Group VP – Global Sales, Treatt. "By
entirely replicating the profile of the fresh fruit, the pineapple and passion fruit distillates impart intense and truly tropical flavours and lack the off taste that has previously presented challenges for manufacturers when formulating with essences. We continue to expand the portfolio to provide developers with a variety of flavour types and botanical origins, with sugar, tea and coffee ConcenTreatts all currently in the pipeline".

[1] Prepared Foods, 2013